the sun is still shining.....

This morning, the sun is shining brightly-streaming into the office window with it's bright orange-ish light.....clean & crisp just like the dawn of this new day!  The air has a hit of chill to it, but the wind causes it to feel colder than it really is.  I enjoyed, despite the chilly air, my walk into the office-after finding great parking.

Tomorrow, I took the day off work & may even do something I've wanted to do, something I've been asked to do by my Weston-to join him at school for lunch.  That will really end, an already pretty pleasant week for me.  I hope this is only a preview to what the weekend holds :)

Oh & update on the puppy: still in limbo on when she'll be coming to live in our home, we received word that there was yet another situation going on that would postpone the adoption.  This is like the third or fourth situation that we've ran into so far, with minds being changed, saying one thing &  not living up to what was agreed on...just not sure what's going on really-still trying to keep that door open because we'd really like to bring her sweetness home to live with us so she can enjoy having the three boys as "brothers" lol!  But at this juncture, it doesn't look like it's happening.  I am giving it two more days, of being in "limbo" and then I am moving on and trying to find another one for the kids.  Pray for us :)



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