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Tonight, while watching something lovely on tv with my husband, some hateful crazy person that used to work with me decided to im me for some reason, just to try to offend me or be hateful towards me.  Not sure the reason for it, I guess it was bored or something.  I guess it ran out of cigarettes and didn't want to get off it's butt to go to the Jiffy to pick up a new pack.

Now, I never really liked or disliked this person, they were just a person that I had to deal with from time to time.  No blimp on the radar or anything, and it still isn't.  They never did anything to impress me or cause me any feelings towards them what-so-ever.  They just tagged along from time to time when I went to lunch, at someone else's request.  I have not even thought about this creature before, during or after they left.  And after I write this post, I will continue to not think about them.

I didn't realize that I had made such an impression on them.  So much so that they just can't leave me alone.  So much so that they feel the need to message me, try to insult me, calling me names-saying some other stuff that was so badly written I couldn't really make out what they were saying....maybe I should send her my autograph!  It's kind of creepy actually.

xoxo, lela


  1. Some people are sad, lonely & pathetic Lela. I like how you used "it" instead of "him" or "her" even though I know who you're talking about. I am also proud of you for being a kind hearted lady and not striking back with mean words of your own, because let's face is, you have plenty of ammo. Yuck. Love you.


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