feeling blue....

Do you ever just wake up and feel a little blue, for no apparent reason?  Today I am feeling a little blue, a little sad.  I am not sure why?  This week has brought on some new challenges for me, and some new conversations and experiences.  I guess I am just playing everything over in my mind, trying to process it the best way I can.

I wasn't brought up to be very confrontational, which is really why I started this personal blog-a place where I can go to vent and express myself a little more.  I do find that I even inhibit what I write here as to not offend anyone, or hurt anyone's feelings-or call someone out directly.  So I am still holding things in, still not expressing myself fully.

Now, mind you-I don't want to just call people names or put them down (make fun of them for their differences in a physical way), but to just say how someone made me feel for doing that to me.  I don't see what gives them the right to even think they can?  Is it bullying?  Do adults bully?

I am letting go of these feelings, again-now...putting them up into the hands of God & pray that he helps me get a little more yellow into my day...

xoxo, lela



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