Thoughtful Thursday

the sun is still shining.....

This morning, the sun is shining brightly-streaming into the office window with it's bright orange-ish light.....clean & crisp just like the dawn of this new day!  The air has a hit of chill to it, but the wind causes it to feel colder than it really is.  I enjoyed, despite the chilly air, my walk into the office-after finding great parking.

Tomorrow, I took the day off work & may even do something I've wanted to do, something I've been asked to do by my Weston-to join him at school for lunch.  That will really end, an already pretty pleasant week for me.  I hope this is only a preview to what the weekend holds :)

Oh & update on the puppy: still in limbo on when she'll be coming to live in our home, we received word that there was yet another situation going on that would postpone the adoption.  This is like the third or fourth situation that we've ran into so far, with minds being changed, saying one thing &  not living up to what was agreed on...just not sure what's going on really-still trying to keep that door open because we'd really like to bring her sweetness home to live with us so she can enjoy having the three boys as "brothers" lol!  But at this juncture, it doesn't look like it's happening.  I am giving it two more days, of being in "limbo" and then I am moving on and trying to find another one for the kids.  Pray for us :)

a month or so ago....

a month or so ago, I was confronted by a miserable and nasty person saying hateful and seemingly mean things to me...telling me "how they felt about me..." since "they finally could..."  Mind you, this was unsolicited information, from a person I do not even consider an acquaintance let alone a friend.  Why she went out of her way to tell me this stuff was, at the time, a mystery because are not in each others lives at all....but over time, and reflection it did become a little more clear.  At first I was a little upset, obviously being attacked by a dog will hurt....even if that dog is just biting you with words....and at first I would think about it almost every day, playing over the things I said in response to her comments, and how she just kept trying to be so offensive.  This morning, reading some of my older posts I saw my post the day after that happened, and it reminded me-obviously now, I have not thought about it for a week or so....and this is when I realized my clarity on it.

Some people are hateful and ugly no matter who are what you are as a person.  There is nothing I can do or could have done to prevent this creature from attacking me.  I acted like a lady and kept my dignity and still do this day.  To have it come at you out of the blue, only proves the misery this person must feel and the sheer jealousy they must feel towards me, for whatever reason truly does bring some peace and understanding into my heart & mind.....

Since this was the first time in my life something like this has happened, I have learned a lot & am better prepared for it in the future....

speaking of sweet.....

if the shoe fits....

I am not pointing fingers, but if the shoe fits.....

I am not a master of my craft, I don't pretend to be.  I could always learn more, heck I am always learning on a daily basis.  I am all over the map with what I like and what I love.  Now, having said that-I am not 1/2 bad either.  I feel like I can capture a good moment & not ruin it in photoshop.

One thing I have noticed is the trend in photography.  Not only are their 1 million other photographers running around, charging less then 1/2 of what I charge-but they are photoshop crazy.  Blending in textures really heavy, cross processing things to DEATH..and just plain ruining what could have been a good image.

I am on the fence really, what do you do-I can see what they could do to be better, and want to just drop them an email-but they, like 1000 other ladies near me are truly my competition now, because of the cut throat low prices.  So I just sit back and look at them, talk to a few of my photography friends about them, and move on.

Then comes the time when your long time clients, friends & even family are turning to these NEW photographers, instead of save a buck & get really poor quality images that have been edited all wonky.  It's hard not to get your feelings hurt, and it's hard not to get angry about it.

Do you lower your prices?  Do you say something to the people who have turned to another photographer? I mean, after all, it is their choice & maybe they don't like your style of photography anymore.  Maybe they are broke & need to save some money!?  I have always, ALWAYS worked magic when it came to lower prices for friend clients & sometimes even doing them for free, or giving them free products.  Driving to them, for free and then when they are finally asked to pay a little, they turn away from you!?

I know, this is just a rant....I just felt like I needed to get it off my chest.

...weekend is over...want a little more ;)

What a great busy weekend.  I could have used another day off my day job though.  Since I had two sessions this weekend, I have lots & lots of editing to do...and I would have loved to stay home and do that.  What else did I do....well, we signed the boys up for spring ball, I bought some custom made crates & a new purse....pretty hu?  So very excited. I've already received compliments & I've only been at work 53 minutes & only TWO other people are here with me right now, haha.  Oh we did the grocery shopping & even managed to get in some time to eat some BBQ together.  It was fabulous.

The husband was in a great mood all weekend, all flirty & mean, lol!  I hope everyone else had a great weekend as well & that the week is gorgeous & perfect....

things to do.....gotta keep up

Do you ever feel like you cannot keep up with your own life?  How crazy is that?  I am the ultimate one that has control over my own life, my own schedule...right?  I have a list a mile long of things to remember to do today, and this weekend..and I certainly hope I can get everything accomplished.

For example:

  1. grocery shop
  2. finish the laundry
  3. find all Xander's black socks
  4. sign the boys up for Spring ball
  5. email upcoming clients & models contracts
  6. collect one outstanding invoices (session deposits)
  7. deposit that money once collected
  8. taxes!
  9. fix Billy's work pants (buttons missing)
  10. clean up the office
  11. clean out my closet
  12. try to get with Kim about new purse
  13. sell my old Vera Bradley purse
  14. sell my old Vera Bradley wallet
  15. sell my old Red Cross over bag
  16. sell my Vera Bradley wallet that matches
  17. get with lady who is making 6 crates for me (for the boys rooms)
  18. order Billy some new work boots
  19. order the boys some boots
  20. finally buy Gavin the Nexsus 7
  21. pick up new table & chairs
  22. find someone to take my table & chairs
  23. order family prints for Billy's mom & sisters
  24. order family prints for me :) ( discount code: FB50off)
  25. hang the j in my bedroom
  26. hang the wreath in the living room
  27. put away pumpkin decor
  28. have boys straighten up shed
  29. get a small dog crate
  30. pick up new puppy :) (her name is Zoe but the boys want to rename her Lillipup)
  31. buy snacks for boys to take to Sam's
  32. get with Sam about session
  33. get my dress, boots & shrug back from Sam lol
  34. have session this weekend with J
  35. have session this weekend with baby Eva
  36. edit J's pictures
  37. edit Eva's picturs
  38. BLOG J's pictures
  39. BLOG Eva's pictures
  40. text Nancy Bowden if things fall through this weekend
  41. add Macy to calendar for model session on 3/10
  42. add Ann's daughter to calendar for model session on 2/17
  43. do a flyer for old clients, offering them discount on digital files

& the list goes on and on...I hope to complete some of these things....pray for me!
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just when ya think....

Just when you think it's time to go night night, you realize your darling husband doesn't have a clean uniform for tomorrows work day.  I am such a good wife, I dropped everything I was doing to make sure he had something clean to wear in the morning-even though he's perfectly capable to do so himself....must be love......

 photo lelasigna2_zps00fb0aef.png

a few photos to share...

i belong to you....

Well, this weekend I spent some time photographing the family.  I used my wireless remote & tried my best to get some great shots.  Not really to spread all over facebook, but for our own private collection & to have printed for my family as well as my husbands family.  I keep meaning to blog some of the great images that we captured, but alas I have not had time in the evening to do so, so I'd like to show off one of the images I posted on facebook really quick & then, hopefully TONIGHT I'll have more time & can show off some more!!


ugly words

I work with someone who never has a nice thing to say about anyone.  She's always talking about how others dress, how they smell, how they talk, their lack of education, how they look, their hair, their weight, if they dress to sexy..just anything and everything.  I ignore her most fo the time, but I often think to myself, if she talks about people that she is friends with, I wonder what ugly things she has to say about me behind my back.  The facts are, it doesn't really matter-but when I hear how she speaks, it does make me wonder.  I would if it would piss me off or if I would just get a good laugh out of it.  The stuff she does now, has gotten so bad that I am about ready to tell her that it makes me feel uncomfortable and I want her to stop!  It won't go over well, but I think it's gotta be done!  She's stealing my joy daily because it upsets me to listen to her judge people so harshly, especially-last time I checked-she isn't one is!  It's our differences that make us gorgeous and amazing.  If someone is going to be judged by someone, let's do it on their character or lack there of....

xoxo, lela

lazy Sunday afternoon

Sometimes when I am bored at home, waiting for my husband to get home from work on the weekends...I just go outside & try to find something to photograph.  Sometimes I just shoot myself & other times I should things around me.  Last Sunday, before my session with a sweet little guy-I went outside & took some images of the weeds surrounding our mowed property.  These are not actually in our yard, but boardering our yard.  They look gorgeous right?  And they are just weeds.  Proving, once again, there is beauty in all things!!

xoxo, lela

turning a buck

I love babies, from the sounds they make to their sweet little smiles. Having said that, I do not think I want to specialize in photographing them.  My style of photography doesn't really make me a good infant photographer, unless you want natural, beautiful images of your baby just being a baby-in your home.  I do not like posing them in weird "trendy" positions and I do not like using weird "trendy" props, which makes me not a very Trendy Infant Photographer.  I do not want to change the way I see things and the way I view my art to make a buck either.  What can a person do?  My husband said "well you need to do what the client wants.." but is that the case with photography?  I mean, don't you do it because it's your art, not to just turn a buck!?  I may not be making any sense....

xoxo, lela

feeling blue....

Do you ever just wake up and feel a little blue, for no apparent reason?  Today I am feeling a little blue, a little sad.  I am not sure why?  This week has brought on some new challenges for me, and some new conversations and experiences.  I guess I am just playing everything over in my mind, trying to process it the best way I can.

I wasn't brought up to be very confrontational, which is really why I started this personal blog-a place where I can go to vent and express myself a little more.  I do find that I even inhibit what I write here as to not offend anyone, or hurt anyone's feelings-or call someone out directly.  So I am still holding things in, still not expressing myself fully.

Now, mind you-I don't want to just call people names or put them down (make fun of them for their differences in a physical way), but to just say how someone made me feel for doing that to me.  I don't see what gives them the right to even think they can?  Is it bullying?  Do adults bully?

I am letting go of these feelings, again-now...putting them up into the hands of God & pray that he helps me get a little more yellow into my day...

xoxo, lela

black beauty

HEY look what I bought!!!  She's called black beauty & she'll be here in just a more days.  I look forward to using her and enjoying her "beauty" :)

I'll post my own images of her when she arrives...this is a stock photo from the business website that I bought her from.  She has gorgeous sisters if you want to go check her out.

xoxo, lela

facebook timeline

xoxo, lela

20 years.....

January 2013 marks thirteen years of service to the University of Florida.  I got this niffy pen. I'll add it to my collection (5 year pen & 10 year pen).

I have, for the most part, enjoyed working for UF.  There have been some people I have not enjoyed working for or with...but all & all, it's been great.

I have good insurance (health, life & dental) and where I am currently working, my time is flexible so I am able to go to baseball games, baseball practices, field trips, and other school functions.


xoxo, lela


A very true statement & explains a lot in just five words.  This is why some people are so miserable, hateful, childish & are just plan cowards.  Let go of that & what a world you'll find!  Don't judge people by the color of their skin, their education (or lack of education), their pants or dress size, what color their eyes or hair is, how much money they have in the bank, who their parents are or what they can do for you....try to find beauty in everyone, try to find the goodness in everyone.  I speak this loudly and clearly to a certain person this week.  I forgive you, I forgive you for being hateful, childish & severely immature.  You cannot help it, and that is what I found in you that is beautiful.  I hope that you can become a happier person, and find some joy in your life.  God be with you!

xoxo, lela

2013, be good to me :)

2012 was taxing, this is true.  2012 started out dreadfully and painfully so, but 2013 has started out sweetly, romantically & crazily fun.  I do not regret my decision, even when faced with ugliness or insecurities about the situations that lead me to my forgiveness.  I am still looking forward to the future, whatever that could be.  Where ever it takes me.  I am enjoying the ride for once!!

xoxo, lela

sad little life, sad little people

Tonight, while watching something lovely on tv with my husband, some hateful crazy person that used to work with me decided to im me for some reason, just to try to offend me or be hateful towards me.  Not sure the reason for it, I guess it was bored or something.  I guess it ran out of cigarettes and didn't want to get off it's butt to go to the Jiffy to pick up a new pack.

Now, I never really liked or disliked this person, they were just a person that I had to deal with from time to time.  No blimp on the radar or anything, and it still isn't.  They never did anything to impress me or cause me any feelings towards them what-so-ever.  They just tagged along from time to time when I went to lunch, at someone else's request.  I have not even thought about this creature before, during or after they left.  And after I write this post, I will continue to not think about them.

I didn't realize that I had made such an impression on them.  So much so that they just can't leave me alone.  So much so that they feel the need to message me, try to insult me, calling me names-saying some other stuff that was so badly written I couldn't really make out what they were saying....maybe I should send her my autograph!  It's kind of creepy actually.

xoxo, lela


xoxo, lela

closet cleaning time....

Well, it's that time of year again to clean out my closet & get ready for incoming new items.  I spent a little money today on some much needed work tops, a dress & a pair of pants.  I still need to get a nice black skirt & a pair of black pants, as well as some flats, or wedges & I think I'll be done for a few more months.  It's insane how expensive things are these days...blah!  I want to look cute though, and update my look a little.  I need to incorporate chunky jewelry, but I never can find anything that I really like that isn't way to expensive for costume jewelry.  Maybe I should go to Walmart or Target and take a gander.....anyone have any ideas?

xoxo, lela

guy family friendly....

Well, over the Christmas Holiday I didn't really take to many photos of the family, sad but true.  The guys hate me taking pictures of them anyway, but after Christmas had happened and all the gifts were opened, and things started to settle down-I decided to take a self portrait.  Once we got internet that following Friday, I posted said photo.  Gavin didn't like it-said it was to much for FACEBOOK, and Billy said it was "too sexy" even my brothers said something about it not being "brother friendly" I recropped it and reposted it, {:-\  I am such a good mom, wife & sister..because I honestly don't think it's showing to much, especially since I have seen WAY MORE out there...but whatevers....

xoxo, lela

Martin Family | Zephyrhills, FL

So it took me a bit, but I finally am posting a few of the images I captured for my brother & sister-in-law a few weeks ago....gorgeous little family right?  Hopefully next time, mom and dad will make an appearance in the photos :)

xoxo, Lela

we made it...

We made it to 2013, in once piece.  Back on February 2, 2012 I didn't think we'd be where we are now, I didn't think I'd know the things I know now & I didn't think I'd see my husband the way I see him now, but for better or worst we managed to work through all that bullshit & end up where we are today, happy-loving, remarkably stronger.  I love him more today then I did the day I married him, and that's saying a lot.  I am in love with him, not just love him..he's more special to me then he'll ever know.

Having said that, take a look at this pretty sunset off our back porch last night.....amazing right?  It was just a few quick snaps....but I wanted to share them.  I wouldn't have even know that it was so gorgeous if my youngest Xander wouldn't have come into the house and told me that I just had to see the sunset tonight....which is something I normally say to them....they finally turned the tables & I wasn't disappointed at all.

xoxo, lela


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