Christmas 2013

This year, Christmas came and went way to fast.  The kids are in their rooms now, playing with the new games, and gadgets & I am sitting alone in my office trying to write a clever blog post.  I think I'll just share a few images taken this month & hopefully they will tell the story.

Above is a photo of most of my moms grand kids.  Teresa & Olivia were not with us on this particular day.  This is Teresa's first Christmas away from home.  She couldn't fly home for the holiday, so she is in Portland this year with her boyfriend & his family.  Olivia, well this is her first Christmas & she is with her mom & her mom's family.  We will be celebrating again when she comes home on Saturday.

I tried to get individual photos of each of the little kids, but only one was serious and willing to pose & do exactly what I asked & that was Brice (my brother Bruce & SIL Colleen's little boy)  He did great, didn't he?

If you'll notice, in almost all the photos-Layla really has no interest in being with Gavin or on the ground by herself for the gate shot-lol.  Poor baby-she just wanted her momma.

When we celebrate Christmas at my moms house, we do it with steaks not turkey or ham.  Yum!!!  Fresh from Ward's in Gainesville FL.

Random acts of cuteness ;)


Family is not always in a nice neat little standard box.  Family is often not even blood, but someone you are are drawn to & love deeply as much as, or more then your own flesh & blood.  I have felt this bond over the years with several different people.  My husband is one of those "people" to which I feel a strong bond with.  We certainly are not blood relations.  After a struggling painful two years with this man, I still feel strongly towards him and continue to keep him as my "family".

Over these past few years, I have neglected a few real blood family members as well as friends I feel close to as family.  In 2014 I plan to change that situation among us and to reach out with that olive branch again, not to rebuild something-as it was never broken-but to enhance it and to rekindle it.

For the broken relationships (family & otherwise) I have decided to put the past behind me and move forward into the future.  This being said, this means I am closing the door & leaving them behind me as well.  I simply cannot focus on people who have hurt me for any reason any longer.  I simply cannot focus on the why it has happened any longer.  Just because I am not your "blood" doesn't mean I am not an important part of your family.  And to be pushed aside & to be disrespected goes beyond simple "sorry about that".  I hold no ill will & wish everyone well, I just won't put myself into the position to be upset or hurt like that again.  I simply will not allow myself to be careless with my emotions anymore.

This year is almost over, and I am surrounded by new & old family-blood & non-blood family & I cherish you all equally.  This year, Weston gained a new step-mother, and step-sister when his father married my very good friend Renee.  Renee and I started becoming friends as we grew to know each other when she started dating Josh.  So, look at that-more family!

I have exciting things coming in the new year with these people I love.  For example, in April I am going to visit my "big sister" Yvonne in Washington.  I cannot wait to see her and her beautiful family.  I have longed to be with her again, and it simply has been to long.  Another example, in January we will start getting Olivia more often.  We have worked out a schedule where we'll have her about 40% of the time.  50% would be better, but we'll take what we can for now.

Business wise, I will be changing things up in the new year as well-hopefully for the better!  I know I already feel pretty happy about the changes.

I am feeling very good about the promises of a great year, and the baggage that I had-well, it's been checked in for flight & has gotten lost in transit :)

Xander 2013

Xander, my sweet little 10 year old bonus son.  We did this mini-session this past weekend (his birthday weekend).  The purpose of the mini session was to show his mom how big he has gotten over the past few months.  She moved out to Hawaii in August 2013 to be with her husband while he is working there (Gov contract).  Xander was suppose to travel there this coming up weekend to spend the Christmas break with her and his four other siblings & step-dad but un-foreseen circumstances are keeping here in Florida.  He was pretty upset at first, but quickly recovered by the awesome birthday gifts she sent (Florida State Football & Baseball Jersey) and knowing he will be able to Skye with her Christmas day when he opens all the gifts she's mailed him from Hawaii.  He is counting down the days until they are back home in March 2014.

Xander | Personal

Ten years old and counting.  Slow down son, slow down!

Just about Christmas

It's been a busy weekend, and since it was pretty busy I didn't snap to many photos.  I did get to do a mini session with Xander & I did snap a few of Olivia while she was visiting, despite that she slept most of the time ;)

 Watching daddy change her diaper.

 One of the keepers :)
 Ahh, the birds Xander was scared of during our mini session
 Xander Skyping with his BM :)

Gavin & the look on Gavin's face, you can clearly see he hates having his photo taken lol


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