Tuesday, December 18, 2012

not on facebook....

Family means a lot to me, even though we don't always see eye to eye or get to really hang out with each other as much as we each want to.  My son Weston is actually best friends with his cousin Dylan, so obviously family love & appreciation has been passed down to my own sweet kids.

Yesterday, I posted something on facebook about "someone" criticizing Molly & Luke for having Macen in the photo with Dylan & Maylee on the family Christmas card.  That person said that they didn't want to show off a Christmas card to their friends of that person's grandchildren and have Macen in the picture to.

I posted something about it on Facebook & people responded & a lot of people were upset.  Because people were upset, my sister asked me to remove it & I did this morning.  But people were not upset with me, they were upset that someone would say something like that about a one year old.  He's a member of our family!  Just because his mother doesn't take care of him and his mothers sister does-doesn't mean he's an outcast and unworthy of love, respect & appreciation for who he is.  I am PROUD of my sister Molly & her husband Luke for stepping up and taking Macen into their home when his own mother couldn't care for him.  He deserves to be smiling right there beside my sisters birth children.

It hurts my feelings, it violates Macen to say something so vile, not to mention upset my sister.  I wanted to get my feelings out there, not on facebook-but on my private blog ;) where I can voice my very unsolicited opinion.

It seems, that over the years we have picked up people who are now members of our family by marriage-that think they are to good for our family & try to pretend they are all the time....and the person that made that particular statement about my baby nephew isn't the only straggler we picked up...there is another...this person also sits around passing judgement on people who she doesn't truly even know or has taken the time to get to know because this person doesn't 1. agree with certain things or 2. thinks that their own shit doesn't stink...when in fact, this person has the stinkiest shit around....the REAL people in the family, are just to nice and polite to tell them that....and that person is very lucky!!!!!  Because, I think that one day-they'll be told, and it won't be pretty.....

I guess the point to all this nonsense I have just wrote is that we are all one big family, despite where we came from.  How can you expect us to welcome YOU, someone married in & not someone that was actually born into our family...even if you do not agree with the fact he isn't living with his mom...he's a baby! A sweet helpless baby that hasn't done anything but be born...and then be taken away from his mom, for a reason we won't even get into.....he's not running around judging you....in fact, if you were to go visit with him, he'd smile at you...and talk to you, and play with you!  Ugg...

xoxo, lela

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