Friday, December 14, 2012

heavy hearted

The level of discomfort and sadness I feel right now is overwhelming.  I wish I wasn't at work right now, but at home with my family.  My heart literally aches for the families of the children & teachers of all that was involved in the shooting in CT.  It I feel like I have experienced a loss, yet I do not even know the individuals involved in any way shape or form, I do not even have family that live in CT.  From other things I heard, the shooter did away with his own parents before coming to the elementary school to fire upon unarmed children & teachers.  Unprepared innocent victims.  What a coward.

What runs through my head over and over is what the other children, who were not being sprinkled with bullets must have been thinking.  Terrified I am sure.  It gives me chills to just try to think what was going through their little minds.  And as a parent, how do you explain something like this to them?  Is it even possible?  This is something they'll remember for the rest of their lives.

Praying for the families.

xoxo, lela

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