Friday, December 14, 2012

happy friday

This week has been the longest week I've had in a very long time.  Getting up and leaving the house in the dark & getting home from work in the evenings in the dark make for a very tired and very grouchy me!  I tried all week not to be so pissy when I get home, but a few days it slipped out of me.  I hate to even complain because I know a lot of people have it worst then I do...but I am so stressed out with everything going on in our lives right now that I am having a hard time dealing with them.

Our truck is back in the shop, complications from the original accident I say-but Class A Collision says it's from a stick.  Either way, we had to put in another claim with Progressive & pay another $500 deductible I am done with Progressive.  I think we're switching to Nationwide.  I have had the same insurance company for about 10 years now, maybe longer & haven't had any claims until recently & my deductible is so freaking high.  And with having Gavin on the insurance now, I cannot afford to change it or lower it either.  ALL other insurance companies have a vanishing yeah, we're switching.  At this time of year, Xanders birthday & Christmas we really cannot afford $500....and really want to just take CAC to court over it...and may still do that....

I know, complain complain....and like Billy says, complaining about it or stressing myself about it doesn't change anything...and he's right, and it really doesn't make me feel better-I just don't know what else to do.

On a happier note, we are going to see Layla May tomorrow, pretty excited about that!!!!  I cannot wait to take some pictures of her, oh yeah and hope we get several great ones.  Having a little family get together on Sunday for Xander's birthday, he's turning we'll have yummy snacks & cool gifts....that will be fun to...and then Christmas is right around the corner.

xoxo, lela

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