feel like screaming....

I just feel like screaming right now.  Billy just got off the phone with Class A, the people that fixed the truck after Billy hit the deer....they were looking over the truck to repair the radiator and fan shroud because the fan came apart & flew into the radiator-tearing up the radiator and the fan shroud..well the verdict is.....there was a stick in the radiator-and apparently that caused all the damage.  They said that Gavin must have ran over a stick and that caused the radiator to get messed up.  Really?  A stick!?  I am beyond upset right now.  I am just so angry that we cannot catch a dang break with that truck, and it's sucking us dry.  Insurance paid for most of the costs to get the truck fixed-but we still had to fork out $500, and now what-we fork out $500 more to get this issue fixed, or maybe even more...?  Gavin didn't run over a stick, that part is bull-he doesn't remember running over a stick and he never said he ran over a stick.  They are lying.  LYING to get out of doing what is right and that is fixing our truck FOR FREE since it was their work that cause the new issues to begin with.  Why can't people just do what's right....all I can do is pray that someone does what is right..and gets the truck fixed...it's Christmas people!!!!

xoxo, lela



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