A little Christmas Cheer.....

Our tree this year, don't mind the treadmill in the background...it wasn't a gift, but it sure looks special doesn't it, lol :) I guess Billy & I should use it once in a while hu?

I thought the light coming in from the front door & side widow was pretty-what do you think?

Waiting on the boys to get their sleep-selves out of bed so we can unwrap gifts.  And yes that is a bottle of soda under the tree-what can I say-Gavin put it on his list... :)
xoxo, lela

finally, feeling human

Well, we finally have internet.  Finally, after five months of being without it, I am feeling like a queen right about now.  Tomorrow I can finally going to post some photos from Christmas...and I hope you'll enjoy them.  I'd do it tonight, but I am actually enjoying being on the laptop instead of the main computer :)

xoxo, lela

merry christmas & happy new year

I want to wish all my friends & family a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.  Why am I doing it now, well I don't think I'll be around much during the holidays this year.  Around facebook, blogger & email I mean...I want to take a break from the electronic world and spend some real quality time with my family, and my extended family.  Those who really matter, those who through out the year have been there for me and my family & have taken the time to be with us....I realize that list isn't very long-because people are so "busy"....but just the same-I want to spread the love....

xoxo, lela


xoxo, lela

not on facebook....

Family means a lot to me, even though we don't always see eye to eye or get to really hang out with each other as much as we each want to.  My son Weston is actually best friends with his cousin Dylan, so obviously family love & appreciation has been passed down to my own sweet kids.

Yesterday, I posted something on facebook about "someone" criticizing Molly & Luke for having Macen in the photo with Dylan & Maylee on the family Christmas card.  That person said that they didn't want to show off a Christmas card to their friends of that person's grandchildren and have Macen in the picture to.

I posted something about it on Facebook & people responded & a lot of people were upset.  Because people were upset, my sister asked me to remove it & I did this morning.  But people were not upset with me, they were upset that someone would say something like that about a one year old.  He's a member of our family!  Just because his mother doesn't take care of him and his mothers sister does-doesn't mean he's an outcast and unworthy of love, respect & appreciation for who he is.  I am PROUD of my sister Molly & her husband Luke for stepping up and taking Macen into their home when his own mother couldn't care for him.  He deserves to be smiling right there beside my sisters birth children.

It hurts my feelings, it violates Macen to say something so vile, not to mention upset my sister.  I wanted to get my feelings out there, not on facebook-but on my private blog ;) where I can voice my very unsolicited opinion.

It seems, that over the years we have picked up people who are now members of our family by marriage-that think they are to good for our family & try to pretend they are all the time....and the person that made that particular statement about my baby nephew isn't the only straggler we picked up...there is another...this person also sits around passing judgement on people who she doesn't truly even know or has taken the time to get to know because this person doesn't 1. agree with certain things or 2. thinks that their own shit doesn't stink...when in fact, this person has the stinkiest shit around....the REAL people in the family, are just to nice and polite to tell them that....and that person is very lucky!!!!!  Because, I think that one day-they'll be told, and it won't be pretty.....

I guess the point to all this nonsense I have just wrote is that we are all one big family, despite where we came from.  How can you expect us to welcome YOU, someone married in & not someone that was actually born into our family...even if you do not agree with the fact he isn't living with his mom...he's a baby! A sweet helpless baby that hasn't done anything but be born...and then be taken away from his mom, for a reason we won't even get into.....he's not running around judging you....in fact, if you were to go visit with him, he'd smile at you...and talk to you, and play with you!  Ugg...

xoxo, lela


I still remember my brother Matthew at this age.  All new and perfect.  Now he's going on baby number two, this is Layla May Martin, born just a week ago today!  She is so tiny & so sweet.....just like her momma 

xoxo, lela

heavy hearted

The level of discomfort and sadness I feel right now is overwhelming.  I wish I wasn't at work right now, but at home with my family.  My heart literally aches for the families of the children & teachers of all that was involved in the shooting in CT.  It I feel like I have experienced a loss, yet I do not even know the individuals involved in any way shape or form, I do not even have family that live in CT.  From other things I heard, the shooter did away with his own parents before coming to the elementary school to fire upon unarmed children & teachers.  Unprepared innocent victims.  What a coward.

What runs through my head over and over is what the other children, who were not being sprinkled with bullets must have been thinking.  Terrified I am sure.  It gives me chills to just try to think what was going through their little minds.  And as a parent, how do you explain something like this to them?  Is it even possible?  This is something they'll remember for the rest of their lives.

Praying for the families.

xoxo, lela

happy friday

This week has been the longest week I've had in a very long time.  Getting up and leaving the house in the dark & getting home from work in the evenings in the dark make for a very tired and very grouchy me!  I tried all week not to be so pissy when I get home, but a few days it slipped out of me.  I hate to even complain because I know a lot of people have it worst then I do...but I am so stressed out with everything going on in our lives right now that I am having a hard time dealing with them.

Our truck is back in the shop, complications from the original accident I say-but Class A Collision says it's from a stick.  Either way, we had to put in another claim with Progressive & pay another $500 deductible I am done with Progressive.  I think we're switching to Nationwide.  I have had the same insurance company for about 10 years now, maybe longer & haven't had any claims until recently & my deductible is so freaking high.  And with having Gavin on the insurance now, I cannot afford to change it or lower it either.  ALL other insurance companies have a vanishing deductible...so yeah, we're switching.  At this time of year, Xanders birthday & Christmas we really cannot afford $500....and really want to just take CAC to court over it...and may still do that....

I know, complain complain....and like Billy says, complaining about it or stressing myself about it doesn't change anything...and he's right, and it really doesn't make me feel better-I just don't know what else to do.

On a happier note, we are going to see Layla May tomorrow, pretty excited about that!!!!  I cannot wait to take some pictures of her, oh yeah and hope we get several great ones.  Having a little family get together on Sunday for Xander's birthday, he's turning 9...so we'll have yummy snacks & cool gifts....that will be fun to...and then Christmas is right around the corner.

xoxo, lela

The Brock Family | Trenton Family Photographer

Congratulations to the Brock family, as they welcome baby number two into the family!  A little sister for sweet big sister M.  This sweet family has a gorgeous piece of property, and we took full advantage of it on this particular day didn't we?  How about that light?  Love it so much!

xoxo, Lela

feel like screaming....

I just feel like screaming right now.  Billy just got off the phone with Class A, the people that fixed the truck after Billy hit the deer....they were looking over the truck to repair the radiator and fan shroud because the fan came apart & flew into the radiator-tearing up the radiator and the fan shroud..well the verdict is.....there was a stick in the radiator-and apparently that caused all the damage.  They said that Gavin must have ran over a stick and that caused the radiator to get messed up.  Really?  A stick!?  I am beyond upset right now.  I am just so angry that we cannot catch a dang break with that truck, and it's sucking us dry.  Insurance paid for most of the costs to get the truck fixed-but we still had to fork out $500, and now what-we fork out $500 more to get this issue fixed, or maybe even more...?  Gavin didn't run over a stick, that part is bull-he doesn't remember running over a stick and he never said he ran over a stick.  They are lying.  LYING to get out of doing what is right and that is fixing our truck FOR FREE since it was their work that cause the new issues to begin with.  Why can't people just do what's right....all I can do is pray that someone does what is right..and gets the truck fixed...it's Christmas people!!!!

xoxo, lela

Layla May Martin

Who said Facebook isn't useful.  Today, I got a peak at my sweet brand new baby niece because one of my brothers friends/co-workers posted a snapshot of her on his facebook & tagged Matthew & Sarah on it.  She's gorgeous & her name.....Layla May Martin.  How cute is that?  We are heading down for a visit on Saturday & to take infant photos of her.  We cannot wait to meet her!!!  Congrats baby brother...love you!!!!!

xoxo, lela

Little Sneak

Just wanted to share a little of the photos I took last night of the Brock family out in Trenton.  What a beautiful loving little family, about to welcome their second daughter-who I get to photograph in January!  What a great way to bring in the new year!

xoxo, lela

color OR b&w

xoxo, lela

New Closet Please

Sometimes I feel like I just need to burn my closet down & replace it with all brand new and sparkling .  I feel like I really need an update, yet I don't have the extra funds at this time to purchase anything new.  I need new shoes, pants & blouses for work...I need new jeans & socks...and would love a new purse.  I need to win the lottery, hell I guess I need to play first to even be able to win haha...

xoxo, lela

Merry Christmas!

xoxo, lela

Digital Polaroid?

Oh yes, I think so honey!
xoxo, lela


Today, unlike most days-I am totally frustrated.  I seem to just be spinning my wheels, over and over again!  I guess I don't realize the difficulty of things sometimes.  Do I need a clue, or does other people!?

xoxo, lela

if you insist

xoxo, lela

The Boys, Fall 2012

xoxo, lela

taking a moment

I feel so out of it, I don't have time to do anything it seems these days.  I am not on schedule, I am not focused and I am not getting things done like I feel I should.

I wonder if what they say is true, I wonder if I had ADD!  OMG!  No wonder I can drink 100 cups of coffee and it doesn't wire me out.  I want to do so much this month....decorate the tree, Christmas shop, birthday shop, cook & bake..spend time with family, do sessions....take photo so the boys for our Christmas card, order Christmas cards....get some better self portraits with my new shorter hair...but this is the best I can come up with...a cell phone pic....with the glow of my monitor in my eyes....ahhh!

There are personal things I'd like to accomplish this month as well... you know, shave my legs-pluck my eyebrows...buy some more smelly good lotion.....find a better mascara!!!

It's so funny sometimes, people say "I don't know how you do all that you do..." or even ask me "how do you do what you do..." and for the answer see the above paragraph....hahahaha!  I also don't get to see my friends as much as I'd like, shop as much as I'd like & I don't get to watch as much tv as I'd like :)

Oh..and I am still trying to find the time to clean and unpack my office....

I love my life--I really do, but I'd love to just slow down & take a breather!

xoxo, lela

One Week

This time next week, my brother Matthew & his wife Sarah will be expecting their second child (a little girl).  Sarah goes in for a c-section Monday morning.  Since they live down in the Tampa area & it's a "school night" we probably won't be able to get down there to see her while she's in the hospital, however-we plan on going down that Saturday to visit, help out, take some pictures & drink some homemade beer that Matthew makes in celebration of her birth.  I am pretty excited.  This month offers a lot of travels, food, smiles & tears (the good kind)

xoxo, lela


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