I just googled what "smh" means:  Shaking my head; used to show that one does not approve of something or that one cannot believe how ridiculous, bad, etc

Totally made me LOL (laugh out loud) because of who the person was, and the context of what they wrote on facebook that actually made this person want to "smh".  I thought of another word, hypocrite.

I have been in this world long enough, and have dealt with other peoples shortcomings, and my own.  I try not to call people out on them, because I recognize my own so well & try to be understanding/and forgiving of others.  But of course, when I am called out, I do try to defend myself....but get a "smh".  Facts are, we all do things that bug other people, we all have sucked as a family member or a friend, and if we don't think we have-someone is kidding themselves.  When I've had an issue with someone else, I have come to them directly-not "called them out" on facebook.

Life sucks sometimes people, and you can go around saying what you want-but the fact of the matter is you don't know shit....I don't know shit...unless you're living in my house with me, under my roof and in my pocket book-you have no idea what's going on with me on a day to day bases and shouldn't point your dirty little finger at me.  But instead, inspire yourself to do what you're asking of others and that's to just shut the f up......

xoxo, lela



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