It's time to get a Christmas Tree.  When our family moved, we disposed of our very old. small & falling apart 6 foot fake Christmas tree.  I thought, at the time-oh I'll just get a new one...well, what I didn't realize then (SEVERAL MONTHS AGO) is that those things are not cheap!  I am kicking myself for tossing out that old one now, even though it was looking very sparse   I don't want to shell out $130 for a tree to put in my house for a few weeks.  I feel like Scrooge when I say that, haha.  I'd love to spend MORE and get the ones with lights, because that would make my life so much easier-since it's my "job" when putting up the tree to string the lights..haha.  But those are even MORE expensive.  Not to mention, the box once I do purchase one won't even fit in my car.  Ah well, this weekend I hope to beg my sweetheart to go Christmas Tree shopping with me, hope he goes for it.

I also hope to maybe accomplish a little Christmas shopping as well.  Maybe get the stocking stuffers.  The three boys have already given me their extensive Christmas lists.  I think I forgot to mention to them that we are not rich, they want four wheelers and go-carts, haha.  In another life I suppose, lol!

I also, again-hope to get the boys all together to snap our holiday card photo.  I have done free sessions with some of my family & very close friends-but I have not taken any of my own family yet.  Everyone will have gorgeous cards to give away & mail but me.  I must get on the ball & get that accomplished this weekend.  Especially since my husband has already completed three things on his virtual honey do list....he's so wonderful...I on the other hand, am slacking in the honey do department :/

xoxo, lela



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