being thankful

It's November 1st.  And today I decided I am going to do an "I am thankful for..." post every day, well not a post everyday but add to a page every day.  Click here if you'd like to see!  I think that these posts will be simple & grand, because I am strangely thankful for not only the big wonderful things in my life, but also the small things that hardly get noticed sometimes by my pretty new lace scarf for example.....

This year really did start off in the most dreadful of ways.  I have been tested beyond limits with my trust, my womanhood & my value as a wife.  I was on the brink of ending a relationship with someone I cherished deeply and probably always would if it had ended.  But I have put that behind me and moved forward and this is where I am now, months later & so thankful for being able to press myself past the nasty & ugly and keep myself and my marriage above water.

This is what basically inspired me to try to keep up with a daily reminder this month of why I am thankful!  I hope it's received well & enjoyed, I hope it sparks a thankfulness in yourself and I'd love to hear about it.

xoxo, lela



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