It's time to get a Christmas Tree.  When our family moved, we disposed of our very old. small & falling apart 6 foot fake Christmas tree.  I thought, at the time-oh I'll just get a new one...well, what I didn't realize then (SEVERAL MONTHS AGO) is that those things are not cheap!  I am kicking myself for tossing out that old one now, even though it was looking very sparse   I don't want to shell out $130 for a tree to put in my house for a few weeks.  I feel like Scrooge when I say that, haha.  I'd love to spend MORE and get the ones with lights, because that would make my life so much easier-since it's my "job" when putting up the tree to string the lights..haha.  But those are even MORE expensive.  Not to mention, the box once I do purchase one won't even fit in my car.  Ah well, this weekend I hope to beg my sweetheart to go Christmas Tree shopping with me, hope he goes for it.

I also hope to maybe accomplish a little Christmas shopping as well.  Maybe get the stocking stuffers.  The three boys have already given me their extensive Christmas lists.  I think I forgot to mention to them that we are not rich, they want four wheelers and go-carts, haha.  In another life I suppose, lol!

I also, again-hope to get the boys all together to snap our holiday card photo.  I have done free sessions with some of my family & very close friends-but I have not taken any of my own family yet.  Everyone will have gorgeous cards to give away & mail but me.  I must get on the ball & get that accomplished this weekend.  Especially since my husband has already completed three things on his virtual honey do list....he's so wonderful...I on the other hand, am slacking in the honey do department :/

xoxo, lela

something different.....

xoxo, lela

Grant Family | Fort White, FL

My sisters adorable little family!  I love them so!

xoxo, Lela

Faircloth Family | Fort White, FL

I was really happy that my cousin and his family decided to take me up on a free family session this season.  They came out to my outdoor studio and we captured a few, now little B didn't really enjoy the session as much as sister and mom, but he suffered through it and we did manage to get a few without him crying and trying to get away lol!

xoxo, Lela

My sister & her kiddos

xoxo, lela

Back Light :)

Okay, so a session ago I played around with the bright evening sun as it was just about to go behind the trees-lovely right?  I was brave for about 15 minutes.  
xoxo, lela


I just googled what "smh" means:  Shaking my head; used to show that one does not approve of something or that one cannot believe how ridiculous, bad, etc

Totally made me LOL (laugh out loud) because of who the person was, and the context of what they wrote on facebook that actually made this person want to "smh".  I thought of another word, hypocrite.

I have been in this world long enough, and have dealt with other peoples shortcomings, and my own.  I try not to call people out on them, because I recognize my own so well & try to be understanding/and forgiving of others.  But of course, when I am called out, I do try to defend myself....but get a "smh".  Facts are, we all do things that bug other people, we all have sucked as a family member or a friend, and if we don't think we have-someone is kidding themselves.  When I've had an issue with someone else, I have come to them directly-not "called them out" on facebook.

Life sucks sometimes people, and you can go around saying what you want-but the fact of the matter is you don't know shit....I don't know shit...unless you're living in my house with me, under my roof and in my pocket book-you have no idea what's going on with me on a day to day bases and shouldn't point your dirty little finger at me.  But instead, inspire yourself to do what you're asking of others and that's to just shut the f up......

xoxo, lela

cut it please

Well, this weekend I did the unthinkable, I cut off my long locks. I know I know, big deal right?  It took me forever to decide to cut it, and when I do finally cut my hair it's always spur of the moment.  My daughter probably won't be to happy that I didn't go to here for a cut but like she's told me about her having her picture taken..."I can use several different photographers mom..."

I think I will go to her, however for a color-I was thinking about getting some blonde highlights...we'll see-that's pretty bold and for those of you that know me on a personal level, I don't do bold...ahaha....

xoxo, lela

another bad

There is a person that I know, that I only see Monday through Friday.  I've known this person for over two years, and for over two years they have yet to have a good weekend.  So many bad weekends have been discussed that I have literally stopped asking, "so how was your weekend..." because I get the same answer, "oh it was horrible..worst weekend ever..." and it always seems so strange to me to never EVER have a good day and I kind of feel bad for this person, because that's a sad life.  I am so thankful for my kids and my family.  I am thankful for my friends, even though I hardly get to talk to them..or hang out with them...

xoxo, lela

editing, is it to much sometimes?

The first one is natural, just resized & sharpened.  The second one has been lightened in the darker areas to the left, eyes given a bit of a sharpen, brighten, darkened the lips a little &-some skin smoother/brightening & an all out color contract adjustment.  Oh, the second image I used the liquify tool to smooth out my cheeks...To much, or just enough?  My daughter got me thinking about this this morning.....

xoxo, lela

Terri & Derrick Maternity | Trenton, FL

Congratulations Terri & Derrick, on the pending birth of your sweet little boy!  I know you guys will make amazing parents & I can't wait for you to bring him to see me at my outdoor studio after he is born for his infant photography session!

xoxo, Lela

lace scarf love.....

xoxo, lela

being thankful

It's November 1st.  And today I decided I am going to do an "I am thankful for..." post every day, well not a post everyday but add to a page every day.  Click here if you'd like to see!  I think that these posts will be simple & grand, because I am strangely thankful for not only the big wonderful things in my life, but also the small things that hardly get noticed sometimes by my pretty new lace scarf for example.....

This year really did start off in the most dreadful of ways.  I have been tested beyond limits with my trust, my womanhood & my value as a wife.  I was on the brink of ending a relationship with someone I cherished deeply and probably always would if it had ended.  But I have put that behind me and moved forward and this is where I am now, months later & so thankful for being able to press myself past the nasty & ugly and keep myself and my marriage above water.

This is what basically inspired me to try to keep up with a daily reminder this month of why I am thankful!  I hope it's received well & enjoyed, I hope it sparks a thankfulness in yourself and I'd love to hear about it.

xoxo, lela


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