Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Weston's Birthday Celebration

I guess I need to post some pictures of Weston's birthday party soon.  Hopefully we'll have internet at the house on Thursday when I get home from work & I can do just that.  Fingers crossed.

We had a great weekend celebrating Weston's 10th birthday.  Hard to believe he's already a double digit.  Seems like yesterday we were celebrating him just turning one at the pig roast we had.  So much has changed since then.  A divorce, another marriage.....gained another son (Xander).  Life sure does twist and evolve doesn't it?  I wouldn't change it, so glad where we ended up.

All my brothers came to Weston's party, I think it was the first time they both have come to a birthday celebration before-so I was really excited.  Weston was as well, he loved having almost all of his family there.  My brothers, Billy & Scott all played football with the kids for several hours-while us ladies & my dads looked on...lol!  They sure did have some dirty feet at the end of the game-they even wanted to walk those dirty feet into the house, with me acting like a crazy person preventing it from happening all evening, haha.  Ahh well.  Thank you all that came!!

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