my gripe for the day

Okay, typically I do not like to call people out on the carpet, complain openly or just say anything negative about someone where they may hear it, or read it...but today I am just beyond aggrevated at someone.  It's weird to because this person really has no barren on my life what-so-ever, and doesn't really effect my life one way or another really!

This particular person, I call her Lady M is today complaining about the place she's being taken to a free lunch at possibly not having salads.  This is not the first time she's brought it up, she brought it up yesterday as well.  Salads.  Like she's trying to be healthy after begging someone for cookies to have for lunch.  After eating almost everything that is ever brought into the office.  How can someone be THAT picky after being offered a free lunch?  Just gets on my nerves.  How's about you are grateful and happy that someone wants to be seen in public with you & purchase your meal for you, regardless if their is a SALAD on the menu or not.

I certainly hope I have raised my children to be gracious and grateful!!!



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