It's come to my recent attention that my opinion only means something when it matches someone else’s opinion. If it goes against what they think, I get a frown, or a dirty look or a threat of making me walk back to the office, with a smile-to break up the awkwardness of the situation.  And I am okay with people have a different opinions, I never call people out by saying “well that’s what YOU think…” I just listen to people complain, bitch, judge, rant, put down & just talk in general.  It’s just funny how people only see you “judging” when it’s not what they think, or it’s about someone they don’t know or like…otherwise you get to hear what their thoughts are about “rednecks” or “poor people”, or people they work with or people in their lives they do not like, do not agree with or do not respect.  This conversation really has altered how I feel about things, and not sure what I am going to do about it in the future.  I really only have two choices, I could just keep my mouth shut & never talk about my own thoughts, opinions, issues at work, or home…as I am being judged….by someone who doesn’t think I should judge…or I could just stay away from this person….what to do-what to do????




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