Lazy Sunday? Nope....

It's been a while since I have written hasn't it? Not much new going on here I can tell you that.  I may get out and take some photos today of just random stuff I find gorgeous.  It could be a waste of gas or it could be the adventure of a lifetime, haha.  I do wish I had a friend that lived closer that was interested in the same thing, so we could go together & maybe they'd even model for me from time to time.  Ahh well.  Today I think I'll put on the apple butter as well.  So excited.  Yummy.

Yesterday we played against another Santa Fe team.  They won, but they didn't beat us-they didn't out play us-we had about a million errors out on the field.  Crazy, we beat ourselves.  Weston played pretty good, was good at bat.  Xander got walked both times at bat, yay-and he even got a chance to pitch last inning of the game.  He didn't throw any strikes-but I think it may help with his confidence.  He's not very confident about his abilities right now, poor guy-but he'll get it once he gets that bat on a ball.  He did hit one foul so at least he did finally make real contact & not just hit the ball with a back swing.

I hope the rest of the weekend goes off without a hitch.  Doing some laundry-man I am always busy!  LOL!



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