la de da....

I am in a funk.  I want to do more things, get out and shoot more but I cannot bring myself to just get into the car and go do it.  Sunday, I went as far as getting a shower & getting dressed but didn't get out and do what I really wanted to do.  Blah.  la de da, what is wrong with me?  Does everyone experience these dips!?

Here is a list of things I want to do.....& soon

1. make a tshirt scarf/necklace (as seen on Pinterest)
2. spray paint the deer head cut out I purchased from etsy & hang it on the wall
3. spray paint the giant J I purchased from etsy & hang it on the wall
4. bake a butterfinger cake for Billy
5. work on Thanksgiving menu
6. grow a small winter garden (thanks Debbie in advance for the plants)
7. start my Christmas shopping
8. go for a drive with my camera
9. get a pumpkin and carve it with the boys
10. go for a walk with the boys down our long road & take pictures :)



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