Friday, October 19, 2012


Well, this photo isn't the best in the world but it was taken in the door, with a cell phone and someone was wearing pj's, not going to say who-but it wasn't poor dear hit a deer on his way to work this morning.  Bright and early, I was woken up by a light tap at the door-it was Gavin-groggy holding his celly....poor kid.  I drove out to see my husband and see with my own two eyes he was alright. The first thing I saw on the dark highway was that poor young buck laying on the side of the road :( then I saw my darling, alive & well..thank goodness.  The truck on the other hand, not sure what her fate is yet-Progressive takes a look at her Monday & gives us their assessment.  I told my husband that it looks like a Transformer that got stuck turning into a robot, lol.  Wish us luck & say a prayer :)

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