& coming up....

Is it wrong to already be looking forward to the next weekend?  I have a session on Saturday, so making some money - woot woot....I offered up a Sunday session to family/close friends-but it hasn't been scooped up yet-so I may just be relaxing and cooking up something yummy for my family.

All the guys are home today, with the exception to Xander-he's still with his mom.  I wish I was hope with the family today :( I want to be off when they are off, so I can enjoy spending time with them to.  Weston was sick all weekend & is now just starting to look & feel like himself-poor guy!

I have been thinking about doing some couponing-just hope I can find things I actually buy now, I don't want to just buy crap we don't even use just for the sake of saving some money-because that to me isn't saving money, if you get $200 worth of stuff you don't already use for $20, you've wasted $20 in my book.

IDK, we'll see how things work out, maybe get a Sam's membership....anyone have any tips?



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