weekend agenda.....

Going to be a busy week, and weekend.  Teresa asked me to provide her with at least 50 images for a project/brochure she's doing for one of her graphic arts programs, cool right?  I have to get those together.  I need to finish editing a session from last weekend & I have another session THIS coming up weekend.  I need to really finish unpacking...I know right.....and I need to do laundry!  I will probably do some tonight to combat being tied up all weekend.  The little guys have TWO games on Saturday & a birthday party on Sunday!  Ouch!  Hope I make it through....

xoxo, lela


I must be a horrible parent.  I do not want to do anything for Halloween.  It's expensive to buy all three kids customes, it's expensive to take all three (including my husband and myself) to a local cornmaze or haunted house.  For us to all five go, it's over $40-just seems like such a waste of money to me.  I cannot wrap my head around making the cost seem worth it.  I don't even consider myself cheap.  I mean, I don't skimp on what type of shoes I buy them, or stylish name brand clothing, I get them what other kids are wearing and we do go on family vacations to theme parks, beaches & normal things-it's just these holidays like Halloween, Valentines Day, St. Patricks Day & Easter I do not want to spend a crap ton of money on candy and just things in general that I'll 1. throw away, or 2. will just fall a part.  I guess I should try to concentrate on the memories being formed by the event?  I don't know, I have struggled with trying to find a common place my entire adult parenting life when it comes to those things.  And it's not like they've never experienced these things, they have-I've taken them trick-o-treating before & bought them crazy customes that ran $20 each.....but in the end, they don't sit around and talk about the FUN TIME they had at "this place" or "that place" they just talk about how much CANDY they got...well I can BUY them candy, lol!!!


xoxo, lela

How to create an instagram timeline cover

Love Instagram? Me to!!!!

I created one of these loves on the www.statigram.com page. Log in using your Instagram credentials.  Click on PROMOTE at the top menu area.  Scroll down to “Promote on Facebook” “Profile Cover” and click on Create Cover….wait for it to populate your images into a cover….right click to save.  Easy Peasy!

xoxo, lela

art love

This weekend I had the kids do a little art project I have been wanting to do for a while-spray paining a wooded deer head cut out and a big J.  They did a great job, despite the strong gusts of wind blowing grass, ants & other objects into our wet paint.

xoxo, lela

my love

xoxo, lela


It's come to my recent attention that my opinion only means something when it matches someone else’s opinion. If it goes against what they think, I get a frown, or a dirty look or a threat of making me walk back to the office, with a smile-to break up the awkwardness of the situation.  And I am okay with people have a different opinions, I never call people out by saying “well that’s what YOU think…” I just listen to people complain, bitch, judge, rant, put down & just talk in general.  It’s just funny how people only see you “judging” when it’s not what they think, or it’s about someone they don’t know or like…otherwise you get to hear what their thoughts are about “rednecks” or “poor people”, or people they work with or people in their lives they do not like, do not agree with or do not respect.  This conversation really has altered how I feel about things, and not sure what I am going to do about it in the future.  I really only have two choices, I could just keep my mouth shut & never talk about my own thoughts, opinions, issues at work, or home…as I am being judged….by someone who doesn’t think I should judge…or I could just stay away from this person….what to do-what to do????


go gators.....

Looky here what I just bought from www.etsy.com, CUTE right?  And made right in Newberry Florida ;)


totally fixable

Well I talked to Larry, our Progressive agent last night on my way home from work.  Turns out our truck is fixable, and since it's worth more then the repairs they are going to fix it.  Needs engine work, new water pump, ac condenser & radiator...ouch, not to mention a new fender headlights & side panels & hood.  It's going to cost over $5k to get her back on the road, and once the parts are ordered-it will take about two weeks from that point-so we are looking at maybe a month without our third ride....


My baby!  Hard to believe.  Gorgeous right!?

& coming up....

Is it wrong to already be looking forward to the next weekend?  I have a session on Saturday, so making some money - woot woot....I offered up a Sunday session to family/close friends-but it hasn't been scooped up yet-so I may just be relaxing and cooking up something yummy for my family.

All the guys are home today, with the exception to Xander-he's still with his mom.  I wish I was hope with the family today :( I want to be off when they are off, so I can enjoy spending time with them to.  Weston was sick all weekend & is now just starting to look & feel like himself-poor guy!

I have been thinking about doing some couponing-just hope I can find things I actually buy now, I don't want to just buy crap we don't even use just for the sake of saving some money-because that to me isn't saving money, if you get $200 worth of stuff you don't already use for $20, you've wasted $20 in my book.

IDK, we'll see how things work out, maybe get a Sam's membership....anyone have any tips?

Lazy Sunday (again)

Well, it's been another lazy Sunday.  I sat on the sofa most of the afternoon with my sweet heart.  Every time I look at him, he winks at me...and it still gets to me and makes me smile....I love him....

I made us yummy egg salad for lunch, can you guess the new secret ingredient?  That's right bacon!  Mmmm.

And for dessert, I had a caramel...for the first time...it was delish!

Gavin | Lake City, FL

xoxo, Lela


Well, this photo isn't the best in the world but it was taken in the door, with a cell phone and someone was wearing pj's, not going to say who-but it wasn't Billy.......my poor dear hit a deer on his way to work this morning.  Bright and early, I was woken up by a light tap at the door-it was Gavin-groggy holding his celly....poor kid.  I drove out to see my husband and see with my own two eyes he was alright. The first thing I saw on the dark highway was that poor young buck laying on the side of the road :( then I saw my darling, alive & well..thank goodness.  The truck on the other hand, not sure what her fate is yet-Progressive takes a look at her Monday & gives us their assessment.  I told my husband that it looks like a Transformer that got stuck turning into a robot, lol.  Wish us luck & say a prayer :)

Shopping Spree Anyone?

It just dawned on me that it was almost "hooker boots" season.  I love this time of the year, where I can wear tall shaft boots, tights, and scarves...just warms my heart.  I found a great pair of brown boots online-not sure if I can convience my sweetheart that I must have them or not.  I guess I could try right?  I mentioned to him last night that I needed a new purse & he said NO YOU DON'T and then I said, well I need new work clothes & he said THAT YOU MAY NEED..so he does seem okay with me purchasing new clothing-do shoes count?  LOL

my gripe for the day

Okay, typically I do not like to call people out on the carpet, complain openly or just say anything negative about someone where they may hear it, or read it...but today I am just beyond aggrevated at someone.  It's weird to because this person really has no barren on my life what-so-ever, and doesn't really effect my life one way or another really!

This particular person, I call her Lady M is today complaining about the place she's being taken to a free lunch at possibly not having salads.  This is not the first time she's brought it up, she brought it up yesterday as well.  Salads.  Like she's trying to be healthy after begging someone for cookies to have for lunch.  After eating almost everything that is ever brought into the office.  How can someone be THAT picky after being offered a free lunch?  Just gets on my nerves.  How's about you are grateful and happy that someone wants to be seen in public with you & purchase your meal for you, regardless if their is a SALAD on the menu or not.

I certainly hope I have raised my children to be gracious and grateful!!!

20 Things to Know....good tips!

1. Don’t shoot shoulders square on. Shoulders are the widest part of a body and as a photographer it is our job to flatter the least flattering parts of our bodies. Shooting straight on is not flattering. Angle the shoulders slightly to lead the viewer into the photo.
2. If it bends, then bend it. Don’t let your clients have straight joints. It looks stiff and unrelaxed. Asking your client instead to slightly bend an arm or walk as they have their photo taken will help your client look relaxed and naturally posed. This rule also applies to the neck. If the neck looks stiff, ask your client to tilt their head slightly.
3. Shoot straight on, or better from above. Shooting from below a person makes even the most gorgeous subject look awkward. Shooting from above can make someone appear slimmer, eliminates double chins, and can provide a beautiful look into your subjects eyes. Shooting from below can make someone’s hips appear wider than they are or any other body part and this is generally unflattering.
4. No up the nose. Sometimes we forget our perspective and as moms when we photograph newborns we look at them the way a mom would holding them and take a photo. Anytime you are shooting a face from below or at an angle, be careful you are not doing ‘up the nose’ shots where you can see up your client’s nostrils. This can happen during any type of photography, so it’s good to be aware.
5. Sharkeyes. Sharkeyes are when someone’s eyes in a photo are black and have no light or color to them. Ensure that the eyes of your clients have good catchlights or sparkle to them by asking them to tilt their head or turn slightly one way or another. These small movements can give that sparkle to a client’s eye that can make or break a photo.
6. Put weight on the back leg. Have clients angle their shoulders so they’re not square to your camera and put their weight on their back leg. This automatically makes them relax.
7. Give your clients lots of direction. Most people are uncomfortable in front of the camera and you have to direct them. Giving them direction will help them feel confident and that confidence will show up in the photos.
8. Let one pose become many. You can move your own feet, or zoom in or zoom out or move slightly to the side and take photos from different angles.
9. Have your clients look places other than your camera. You can tell them to look away, look down over their shoulder, look past your camera to provide a different emotion to your photos.
10. Give your clients encouragement. When they’re in front of the camera they can’t see what they look like and they need to know if they look good. When they hit a good pose or you’re taking photos that you know have hit the mark, let them know how good they look.
11. Portraits are traditionally shot a few degrees above the eyes.
12. Bring a stepstool with you to all your photography shoots and weddings.
13. Talk to your clients. Getting to know them gives them a sense of trust with you. You want your subject to trust that you know what you’re doing and can make them look good.
14. Sometimes people’s faces get stiff. Ask your clients to take a deep breath and breath out with their lips slightly open. The few moments after this your clients face will be relaxed and natural – so snap a few. If that doesn’t work, ask them to do the “pufferfish” face where they blow up their cheeks and then let it all out. That helps their face to relax too. If you do it with them, they won’t feel as silly.
15. Give them something to do with their hands. They can touch their cheek, run their hands through their hair, put their hands on a nearby object…something.
16. Show them what you mean. Instead of trying to tell your client how to pose, get in the pose to show them how you want it to look. You’re a photographer right? You are visual and probably learn visually and it’s likely that your clients are visual learners too!
17. Be aware of ears. Shooting people straight on can make their ears appear large. With women if they are tucking their hair behind their ear or if their ear sticks out just slightly it can be one of those things that will bother them later in photos and can sometimes look distorted when in 2-dimensional photography form.
18. Get close. One of the biggest newbie mistakes is to shoot from far away and get lots of the background or landscape in the photo. This happens a lot when we’re not confident with posing. If you force yourself to get close the photo becomes more about the clients and their interactions with each other or with you than about the background.
19. Limbs. If you are cropping out anyone’s body ensure that your crop lines do not fall at the joints (wrists, knees, elbows, etc.). When this happens it gives the appearance that the subject’s body does not continue past the frame of the photo. Instead if you have to crop, do it where there isn’t a join and this will give the impression that the rest of their arm, leg, etc. continues beyond the photo.
20. Watch for shadows and light. There’s a reason a lot of photographers like to shoot in that ‘golden hour’ either in the wee hours in the morning or just before sunset. The light is even and not harsh and it prevents you from having strange shadows on your clients faces. Shadows below the nose or below the eyes can give your client the appearance of not being as good looking as they truly are. Whatever time of day you are shooting aim to ensure that your clients faces are in perfectly even light where there are no harsh shadows. If you have to shoot in the middle of the day, shoot in the shade.
Source: http://photographyawesomesauce.com

la de da....

I am in a funk.  I want to do more things, get out and shoot more but I cannot bring myself to just get into the car and go do it.  Sunday, I went as far as getting a shower & getting dressed but didn't get out and do what I really wanted to do.  Blah.  la de da, what is wrong with me?  Does everyone experience these dips!?

Here is a list of things I want to do.....& soon

1. make a tshirt scarf/necklace (as seen on Pinterest)
2. spray paint the deer head cut out I purchased from etsy & hang it on the wall
3. spray paint the giant J I purchased from etsy & hang it on the wall
4. bake a butterfinger cake for Billy
5. work on Thanksgiving menu
6. grow a small winter garden (thanks Debbie in advance for the plants)
7. start my Christmas shopping
8. go for a drive with my camera
9. get a pumpkin and carve it with the boys
10. go for a walk with the boys down our long road & take pictures :)

Lazy Sunday? Nope....

It's been a while since I have written hasn't it? Not much new going on here I can tell you that.  I may get out and take some photos today of just random stuff I find gorgeous.  It could be a waste of gas or it could be the adventure of a lifetime, haha.  I do wish I had a friend that lived closer that was interested in the same thing, so we could go together & maybe they'd even model for me from time to time.  Ahh well.  Today I think I'll put on the apple butter as well.  So excited.  Yummy.

Yesterday we played against another Santa Fe team.  They won, but they didn't beat us-they didn't out play us-we had about a million errors out on the field.  Crazy, we beat ourselves.  Weston played pretty good, was good at bat.  Xander got walked both times at bat, yay-and he even got a chance to pitch last inning of the game.  He didn't throw any strikes-but I think it may help with his confidence.  He's not very confident about his abilities right now, poor guy-but he'll get it once he gets that bat on a ball.  He did hit one foul so at least he did finally make real contact & not just hit the ball with a back swing.

I hope the rest of the weekend goes off without a hitch.  Doing some laundry-man I am always busy!  LOL!

I Love Fall!!!!

Is it just me, or is it feeling a lot more like fall!?  I cannot wait to get some of these things done.  Believe it or not, I do plan to DO a lot more this season & not worry about things costing to much, or not being worth the money to do!  I am going to do them & just let the boys enjoy themselves....as I snap away!!!  LOVE!

Lake Butler Game

Well our game against Lake Butler last night went better then I thought.  We didn't loose, but we didn't win either-game was called because we ran out of time-but it was a tie!  The HOME team (them) was up at bat last & we were able to hold them!  Very proud of how my boys played!

I didn't bring my camera to the game - so all I had was my cell phone...here are a few pictures of Weston & a few of his team mates.  Xander was not in a good mood & didn't really want his picture taken.

Cheese for Breakfast.

I know, what's up with that?  I love cheese though, when people ask me what my favorite food is, I always answer CHEESE!  I mean, why not...it goes with everything almost & makes everything better!  Last night, for dessert-I made CHEESEcake....see-told you, makes everything better.

What's been happening in the Johnson House?  EVERYTHING!  Working, working & baseball!  Yep!  Enjoy the pics.

on a side note, I learned a valuable lesson this week.  Not to trust certain people, I once thought a friend/trusted person I could talk to about life & ideas.  I should have realized that when this person would talk trash about best friends/family & other people.  Live & learn!


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