Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekend and I am ready

Hello!  It's finally the weekend & I have to tell you, I sure am ready.  SO VERY READY!  The boys have their first game of the fall season, how exciting.  Billy is assistant coaching, and I cannot wait to see him in action.  I know it's going to be adorable.  He's going to have his own shirt and everything.  I am going to take pictures, you can bet your butt on that one.  I'll show them off later.

After the game, we'll have to rush home and get ready for Weston's 10th birthday party.  He's so excited.  He even invited most of his team, though I am sure that no one will come-it's so last minute.  But if they did, that would be cool.  Dylan is coming, so at least he'll have his BFF! :)

Stay tuned....

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