Moved In.

Well, we are all moved into our new home.  YAY!  It even looks like we have neighbors with kids.  The boys were pretty excited about that.  They are ready to get their bikes aired up and play on the paved private road we live in.  Billy isn't totally comfortable with that yet, so we'll see how people drive down it-bit there is only two other families that live past our home-so they should be safe.  We'll take a walk tonight & see how that goes.

During our move, I made a recipe I found on Pinterest....a pineapple bbq chicken dish.  If you follow me and have see this recipe, don't make it-it's gross.  Everyone at my house, including my brother ate it & there were no left overs-but it was only because everyone was so hungry at the point we had dinner.  I am unpinning it today!

Love the new place.  It's so big & roomy.  Love having an an office.  I cannot wait to have internet again and a phone line so I can function normally.  Excited!  Pictures coming soon :)



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