Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Drama & More Drama

Well, my gorgeous phone is dead & I am sad.  The little charging area on the phone it self has been damaged so much that I am not able to plug my phone into the USB charger anymore (sad face).  Billy called Verizon and they said, sorry nothing we can do to help you-you're ten days out of your manufactures warranty & you do not have an extended warranty-OUCH!  And, they don't fix phones-or do not have any refurbished phones for me to purchase-they suggested that I buy a new phone.  So I looked on the website and they have some great ones, not any like mine-but some great ones-for a nice price tag to, since I am not due for another upgrade until 5/2012......$650 for a new of equal coolness phone!  Really!?  So right now, I am making do-having Billy charge my battery for me in his phone.  I thought about buying a used one online, but that's still about $200-so we'll see.  I could have my Blackberry hooked back up-:(

On a different note, typically my phone works & typically a certain person can get a hold of Weston every time he calls.  But last night, since he couldn't I woke up to four messages from him, and they got ruder as the evening progressed.  As if I was keeping him from Weston.  Really!?  That's the place your mind goes?  Insane.  Reason number 1,999 that I let that relationship end.  Happy thoughts happy thoughts.

I get into work this morning & I get to hear someone brag about themselves for about twenty minutes.  Typically I don't mind bragging, especially if you are the things you're bragging about.  Its not something I'd enjoy hearing on a daily basis, but one time I can deal with....this person, brags all the time & I don't see any validation for the bragging...just gets under my skin.

Okay, rant over-time to get happy!

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