Weekend and I am ready

Hello!  It's finally the weekend & I have to tell you, I sure am ready.  SO VERY READY!  The boys have their first game of the fall season, how exciting.  Billy is assistant coaching, and I cannot wait to see him in action.  I know it's going to be adorable.  He's going to have his own shirt and everything.  I am going to take pictures, you can bet your butt on that one.  I'll show them off later.

After the game, we'll have to rush home and get ready for Weston's 10th birthday party.  He's so excited.  He even invited most of his team, though I am sure that no one will come-it's so last minute.  But if they did, that would be cool.  Dylan is coming, so at least he'll have his BFF! :)

Stay tuned....

My Assistant!

Gavin is a great assistant.  He even let me snap a few photos of him while we waited for the young lady we were having a session with to change into her other outfit.  He didn't smile, but that's okay.  He's a teenager, what else do I expect...he only smiles when you hand over money!  LOL!


Is it true, that "opinion's are like assholes, everyone's got one"....and at what point is an unsolicited opinion just considered rude or in poor taste?  And why do I find it so difficult to give my truthful opinion?  I always consider if it will bother someone, even when asked to be honest.  I never give my totally 100% honest opinion.


Jami's Session

From my session last night.  Miss Jami :)


Sometimes I am in amazed by how immature people can be.  To be jealous that someone is leaving early, even though that person was in early & working is sad to me.  To be jealous that someone is leaving for lunch, when you get a lunch hour as well, to make a silly comment like "don't worry I didn't schedule my very important call during your LUNCH BREAK or YOU LEAVING early..." in a tone that was meant to call attention that I was leaving for lunch and leaving early is just really uncalled for.

I am tired, and I guess small things are getting to me today.  I am really ready for this weekend.  I am going to enjoy a nice quiet day tomorrow & then I have a session with a beautiful young lady on Sunday afternoon, looking forward to it for sure.  I hope to have some gorgeous images to show everyone!

Missing in Action!

Well, I have been MIA for a while, if you were paying attention and noticed :).  I have been home and been off the internet for a few days.  It was wonderful!  I just relaxed and spent all day & night with my family.  Billy and I spent a great anniversary together, had a great romantic & YUMMY dinner on the town & a nice long drive.  I think I may have even fell in love with him a little more!  If that was even possible.

Tuesday was the boys first night of practice & I was super excited to watch them-but it was rained out (sad face) and tonight when they have practice I'll be at work and not able to watch them.  I guess there is plenty of time for that-but since it's their first night, I really wanted to see them play :)

Ah well, hope all is well :)

this weekend...

This weekend should be a busy one.  Well, maybe not BUSY - but at least productive.  I still have lots of stuff to unpack at the house, so my plan is to get a lot of that done & maybe even find the time to hang up some pictures!  Wouldn't that make the house feel more homey!?  I have to get myself to the grocery store at some point as well.  Dylan's having his birthday party this weekend-so we'll be loading up and heading to Hart Springs for a big-should be fun!  Cannot wait to get out for a little family time..take pictures of my loves having a great day!

Enjoy your weekend, no matter what you do!

Days of Me?

I have totally been out of the loop with my 300 days of me.....I have the photos-but since we moved & trying to set up the new house, I have not been able to edit them or post them (no internet yet at the house)....so here is one picture from the sets that are missing....

Happy Friday!

oh baby, part two

Well, I made it out of my latest session in one piece...not that I didn't think I would-but I am not really an infant photographer-so I was a bit nervous about shooting this little guy & his family!  But we pulled off a win!  YAY, and congrats parents :)

He's Mobile ....

Well, it's official-Gavin is now a mobile unit.  Doesn't need me or Billy sitting in the passenger seat anymore.  Here he is, getting buckled up to leave on his own for the very first time.  I realize it's probably silly to take a picture of this moment-but I am proud, nervous and a little sad..he's growing up!  He's a great kid, hardly have any trouble out of him-we are really lucky!!!

Hump Day Inspriation

Drama & More Drama

Well, my gorgeous phone is dead & I am sad.  The little charging area on the phone it self has been damaged so much that I am not able to plug my phone into the USB charger anymore (sad face).  Billy called Verizon and they said, sorry nothing we can do to help you-you're ten days out of your manufactures warranty & you do not have an extended warranty-OUCH!  And, they don't fix phones-or do not have any refurbished phones for me to purchase-they suggested that I buy a new phone.  So I looked on the website and they have some great ones, not any like mine-but some great ones-for a nice price tag to, since I am not due for another upgrade until 5/2012......$650 for a new of equal coolness phone!  Really!?  So right now, I am making do-having Billy charge my battery for me in his phone.  I thought about buying a used one online, but that's still about $200-so we'll see.  I could have my Blackberry hooked back up-:(

On a different note, typically my phone works & typically a certain person can get a hold of Weston every time he calls.  But last night, since he couldn't I woke up to four messages from him, and they got ruder as the evening progressed.  As if I was keeping him from Weston.  Really!?  That's the place your mind goes?  Insane.  Reason number 1,999 that I let that relationship end.  Happy thoughts happy thoughts.

I get into work this morning & I get to hear someone brag about themselves for about twenty minutes.  Typically I don't mind bragging, especially if you are the things you're bragging about.  Its not something I'd enjoy hearing on a daily basis, but one time I can deal with....this person, brags all the time & I don't see any validation for the bragging...just gets under my skin.

Okay, rant over-time to get happy!

Simply Monday!

Last night, after the boys went to bed-Billy and I piled up on the sofa & watched UFC.  Now, I just want to say that I think feet, elbow & knee hits should be banned-they look so painful & awful.  But I certainly did enjoy having my sweethearts head in my lap, for hours!!!  I love the simple things in my life :)


sometimes I get sad because of what we had to go through to get where we are....sometimes I wonder why it had to happen to start with.......sometimes I look at a picture and wonder HOW that thing could so anything for you...

Baseball (Fall 2012) - it begins

Well, today Billy and I went to sign Weston & Xander up for fall ball 2012...and for Billy to fill out coaching papers.  I think this will be a fun and amazing time for us...I cannot wait to get started.  We ended the day with buying some groceries & eating at Ken's BBQ...mmmm.  What a great day!  Tomorrow I have two sessions, that's right TWO!

oh bus, where art'though

This morning, I had to leave work early because the bus driver (sub) forgot to pick up my oldest.  Great right?  How do you forget a 16 year old kid?  Well, I guess pretty easily because apparently she didn't pick up two others as well.  Fantastic & happy Friday!

The good part, was I did get to spend the afternoon with my sweetheart.  He brought me home a sandwich & we watched a movie.  With not being tired from a long drive back home-I made him a great dinner, mashed potatoes, fried pork chops & corn...with gravy!  That's right.  The evening did end well ;)

Green Grass

The grass isn't greener on the other side.
The grass is greener where you water it.

Lay me down to sleep.....

Okay, narrowing down my ideas for the wall behind my bed, in lieu of a headboard.

For this one, I'd have it made a little larger & in a dark grey.  I would of course use a J....and place it right above where our pillows are.
Baby Monogram

This is just sort of basic.
King Headboard decal  - Vinyl wall sticker decal - circles pattern

And this is a more traditional "head board", I could get it in a dark brown to match the other furnishings in the room.
Wall Art Vinyl Decal Sticker Decor VICTORIAN Headboard - King

The bedding is silver, grey, purple & white....


Moved In.

Well, we are all moved into our new home.  YAY!  It even looks like we have neighbors with kids.  The boys were pretty excited about that.  They are ready to get their bikes aired up and play on the paved private road we live in.  Billy isn't totally comfortable with that yet, so we'll see how people drive down it-bit there is only two other families that live past our home-so they should be safe.  We'll take a walk tonight & see how that goes.

During our move, I made a recipe I found on Pinterest....a pineapple bbq chicken dish.  If you follow me and have see this recipe, don't make it-it's gross.  Everyone at my house, including my brother ate it & there were no left overs-but it was only because everyone was so hungry at the point we had dinner.  I am unpinning it today!

Love the new place.  It's so big & roomy.  Love having an an office.  I cannot wait to have internet again and a phone line so I can function normally.  Excited!  Pictures coming soon :)


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