August Love

It's finally August.  Can you believe it?  I am excited about all the things coming up during this month.  Gavin, Weston & Xander return to school.  Gavin is a JUNIOR this year, Weston is going into the Fourth & Xander the Third.  I remember when I first met Billy and Xander was only three years old, a baby!  Time does fly, as they say.  Many good times to be had.  Fall ball will certainly follow after school starts, which is always an exciting time of the year.  Now that Billy is on this new shift, he'll actually be home for all the games & all the practices.  Not only does this make my life easier, but he loves being there to watch them & they in turn love having him there as well, for the most part, unless they mess up, haha.

Gavin will be getting his license as well.  Something for HIM to look forward to, something for US to get nervous over.  No more parental driving in the passanger seat.  Eeek.  He'll be driving himself to school, to the store, to his friends, to my dads....heck maybe even to visit his grandma in Jacksonville FL (we'll see).

We'll also be packing up our house & moving to another location (staying in the same school zone).  We found a sweet giant five bedroom, three bath home we're going to enjoy for a while.  Weston & Xander are really excited about the "jack and jack" bathroom they get to share & Gavin is excited about having his own bathroom, even though he does have to share it with the guests, they guests normally leave toothpaste all over the sink like W&X do apparently, haha.  Though when his sister visits-she'll share her hair with him & dirty q-tips, haha.

Well, that's all pretty exciting hu?  Going to be great!!!!!

Lela, xoxo



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