Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Moving Day

Well, I've been up since about midnight just tossing and turning in the bed.  Finally fell back asleep for a few hours.  I have to have the boys at the school about 740am, so I still have time to kill.  Anxious to get this move over with, even though I have so much left to do here at the house.  I have started packing the pantry-we took over a lot of the dishes yesterday!  So this morning I didn't have a spoon to stir my coffee, hahaha.....had to resort to using a plastic spoon, haha.  I have to clean this house, I have to clean the other house-it's going to be one busy busy day people!  But I am excited & stressing out a little.  My husband knows me so well, I got a text from him this morning saying "Good morning baby.  Happy moving day.  Don't stress out to much about everything.  I love you."  lol!  I'll try sweetie, but I cannot promise anything ;)

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