Friday, August 17, 2012

A few days off? NOT!

Geesh, so much on the agenda already for the weekend & it's not even the weekend yet.  All three boys need their hair cut, and I need to fill the fridge and pantry with yummies so they have plenty to choose from for lunches next week.  It's so hard to believe that it's already time for them to go back to school.  Summer sure did come and go quickly.

It has been a great summer, even though hubs and I had to work most of it.  We did enjoy two weeks off together, and a few days at the beach & got to watch a Sox game, which we won-GO SOX!  The boys are excited, and I am excited for them.  Billy took them to meet their teachers yesterday & Xander was happy to see several of his friends that were in his class last year are again in his class this year.  Weston was excited that his friend & almost neighbor Kaylee is in his class.  He assured us that he wouldn't get into trouble this year and I am going to hold him to it, haha.

It's 930pm, and the house is so quiet.  The only sounds are the clicking of my keyboard, the crack of the bats on tv (Sox vs. Yanks) & the dish washer.  Billy is snoring in the next room, he's gotta get up at 2am, God love him & the boys are quiet in their rooms.  Probably staying quiet so I don't bust up the fun and send them to Snoozeville.  Little do they know, I am letting them stay up late tonight and enjoy a few more nights of freedom.

My wonderful step mom brought home a butt load of boxes for our move-I have to, sometime this weekend, find the time to go over there & pick them up!  Did I mention that I have a lot to do this weekend.  I have to make time to do the laundry, dust, clean out the cabinets in the bathrooms & box up the books!  :)  Let's hear it for SUPER LELA!!!!!!

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