Happy Moving Day

Well, I've been up since about midnight just tossing and turning in the bed.  Finally fell back asleep for a few hours.  I have to have the boys at the school about 740am, so I still have time to kill.  Anxious to get this move over with, even though I have so much left to do here at the house.  I have started packing the pantry-we took over a lot of the dishes yesterday!  So this morning I didn't have a spoon to stir my coffee, hahaha.....had to resort to using a plastic spoon, haha.  I have to clean this house, I have to clean the other house-it's going to be one busy busy day people!  But I am excited & stressing out a little.  My husband knows me so well, I got a text from him this morning saying "Good morning baby.  Happy moving day.  Don't stress out to much about everything.  I love you."  lol!  I'll try sweetie, but I cannot promise anything ;)

Happy Almost Anniversary, darling!

In honor of my own wedding anniversary coming up on September 18th, I am going to give away a free wedding package to one lucky & deserving couple.  Details coming soon!

Wednesday Inspiration


Well, tomorrow is the big paper signing day.  I am going to see if we can schedule the appointment a little earlier in the day, since I'll get off at 2pm tomorrow :).....meaning, I have to work until 8pm tonight-YUCK, but getting off early is grand.  I may, or may not get to see my sweetheart though working this late-he'll be in bed by 8pm so he can get up at 2:15 for work......I have really gotten used to seeing him every day!  I love my life!  Thank you God for all your gifts!!!!


What diet?  I have been off the wagon, still watching what I am eating to some degree-but with all thats going on I have not had time to track everything, so I am sure I am going over my allowable calories.  Grrr.  I have to get back on track, hopefully after this week I can do that & start working out as well.  Billy seems to be really into us working out together-so going to take advantage of that ;)

Monday Monday

It's the start of a very busy week for our family.  Billy got up this morning and took Gavin to his orthodontics appointment & now has to run Weston's lunch to the school because he forgot it.  Oh man.  Tomorrow I have to work late, sucks & Wednesday we sign the papers for the new place.  And then, well-then it's packing, moving & unpacking.  I love it.  Cannot wait to get this party started ;)

Words with Friends

I am slightly addicted to the phone/computer game Words with Friends.  I know, I know-it's been out a while-I am a little slow on the uptake obviously.  But it's so much fun, and challenging.  I can't stop myself from playing at least 20 friends at a time.  Some beat me every time, some I bet every time, some goes back and forth...just fun riveting stuff, haha!  Billy and I play against each other, which is always fun-because he usually beats me and I take it very well (NOT).  Awww well.  TGIF!!!

Quick Edit. Big Difference.

Something to try!

I think I want to try this.....maybe after we get settled in our new digs.
FUN right?


On the afternoons that my darling works, he calls me on his way home.  This afternoon, while we are talking, I drew these little doodles-mindlessly as we talked.  I am not bragging about my fantastic artistic talents, no-just merely wanted to share my mindless drawings, there again, proving we're meant to be...and perfect for each other!


Overdue Photography!

My darling boys, right before school started this year.  I think it's time for a full photo session, don't you!?  I found a great place!  I can't wait!

Happy Birthday!

Today is my darling mother-in-law's birthday.  People that are close to me, know all about the troubles I had at the beginning of the year.  What some of these same people don't know is that my MIL was there, emotionally & spiritually for me.  This terrible time actually brought us closer together & gave me an entirely different outlook on my marriage, my family & myself.  She truly is a wonderful God Send!  I love her dearly and feel very blessed to have her on my side, in my corner & in my family!  Happy Birthday Gorgeous! I love you!

First Day of School

Well the boys had a great first day of school.  They were all pretty excited, even though they don't really look it in the above pictures.  They were so excited to be starting new grades & seeing their friends again!  YAY for school.  Last night, Billy and I spent the better 1/2 of our evening filling out gobs of paperwork to return to the school.  It's crazy that they want you to fill out paperwork every year when nothing has changed as far as the information as the year(s) prior. What a waste of paper!  You'd think they'd figure out a better way for your child to have accurate updated information, like being able to log into a database & just changing information when needed.  Ah well, it's done with now.  Great start to the new year. :)

Potted Meat

Why would someone want potted meat, when they have steak at home?  Ahh, something I've heard a few times lately. It's come in the shape of "why would someone want a hot dog, when they could have steak".  Good question, but it happens doesn't it. I wonder if it's about comfort.  Maybe there is comfort, and security with hot dogs, and you don't have to work very hard to get a hot dog.  Steak is. however, a little harder to come by.

A few days off? NOT!

Geesh, so much on the agenda already for the weekend & it's not even the weekend yet.  All three boys need their hair cut, and I need to fill the fridge and pantry with yummies so they have plenty to choose from for lunches next week.  It's so hard to believe that it's already time for them to go back to school.  Summer sure did come and go quickly.

It has been a great summer, even though hubs and I had to work most of it.  We did enjoy two weeks off together, and a few days at the beach & got to watch a Sox game, which we won-GO SOX!  The boys are excited, and I am excited for them.  Billy took them to meet their teachers yesterday & Xander was happy to see several of his friends that were in his class last year are again in his class this year.  Weston was excited that his friend & almost neighbor Kaylee is in his class.  He assured us that he wouldn't get into trouble this year and I am going to hold him to it, haha.

It's 930pm, and the house is so quiet.  The only sounds are the clicking of my keyboard, the crack of the bats on tv (Sox vs. Yanks) & the dish washer.  Billy is snoring in the next room, he's gotta get up at 2am, God love him & the boys are quiet in their rooms.  Probably staying quiet so I don't bust up the fun and send them to Snoozeville.  Little do they know, I am letting them stay up late tonight and enjoy a few more nights of freedom.

My wonderful step mom brought home a butt load of boxes for our move-I have to, sometime this weekend, find the time to go over there & pick them up!  Did I mention that I have a lot to do this weekend.  I have to make time to do the laundry, dust, clean out the cabinets in the bathrooms & box up the books!  :)  Let's hear it for SUPER LELA!!!!!!

Eye Lash Brush? (update)

Update:  August 21, 2012 - with a little more practice ;) I think I did a much better job on Amanda's picture....I think this is going to be FUN!

Okay, so on this image I used a black brush on the right & a brown brush on the left-two different eyelashes from the same set.  I did this quickly, and so maybe with a little more time & effort I could make them look a little more real. I didn't put anything on the lower lashes.  I think I am more fond of the right eye.  And since I already use black eyeliner & mascara it seems to work better. Thoughts?

A few moments later-using a little more time & care!?

Because I struggle.......


I know, using myself as an example-what am I thinking.  But I know people know I edit my photos of myself before I post them-at least the ones taken with my camera.....sooo here is an example of a before & after!
{Cropped, tilted (to make it more straight), sharpened, skin lightening, overall lightening & color adjustments}

Not as I planned...

Tonight I was going to take some photos of the boys, but when I finally made it back into our town it was raining.  Then my friend Samantha came down and picked up the little guys & took them to her house to play for a bit....so I gave up the idea of actually capturing a few of their sweet faces, at least for this evening.  So instead-I edited a few pictures from our vacation, images I originally were tossing out for one reason or another.  I hope you'll enjoy them :)

Five down, and only 45 more to go.  Dieting is hard & seems like such a darn slow process.  I hope I can stick to it.  Once I get the FOOD under control-working out will then start-two more weeks & I think I'll be evened out. :)

my heart skips a beat.....

School Pictures

I had thought that this year, I would have someone else take the boys yearly photos, but I think I'll stick with doing them myself still.  So tonight, I think I'll dress them up & take them into town & snap a few photos of them to start out the new year.  I will even let them dress in their new school clothes-lol!

I {LOVE} Black & Whites

Mom Picture

Have you ever had your picture taken, where you didn't really like the photograph of yourself because it looked like a mom picture?  I know that sounds strange, but for some reason this is the picture that speaks "mom picture" to me.  Even though I don't look old or haggered, I feel this image lacks youthfulness for some reason.  Billy took it of me before we got married.  Everything about the picture is good, except I feel so MOM like.  I love being a mom, don't get me wrong.  It's the best thing I've ever done in my life.  I am good at it.  But, when having a picture taken of myself-even if I do it myself I don't want it to speak only one tone.  Am I even making sense?

Day 43 & Counting

Today is day 43 of my self portrait journey.  You can see more at www.300daysofme.blogspot.com.  If you're interested.  I want to try to think more outside the box when it comes to self portraits.  I typically only shoot my face-but this morning it looked so gorgeous outside that I decided to do something a little different.  I loved the morning sun coming up over the trees.  How blessed I am to be able to wake up and see that this morning.

This weekend has been pretty relaxing.  Yesterday I cleaned the house, did some laundry & even managed to pack some boxes up.  The wall are bare.  Xander noticed and even said, "daddy, it looks so plain in here".  I thought that was cute.  Cannot wait to get into our new place, and hang everything back up & make it ours.  I have enjoyed most of my time in this house, but we're outgrowing it & it does harbor a lot of sadness for me.  I look forward to this new, new start.

Today I think we're going to finish up the school shopping.  Oh joy.  More money, things are so expensive & really hard to find.  I couldn't even find khaki shorts for Weston on Old Navy.com.  WTH?  Here's hoping the mall holds better prospects for outfits for my 4th grader.


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