Weekend & Stuff

It's 7:55am & I am going over our budget for the next two weeks, deciding what to buy at the grocery store & what's going to be on the agenda today.  There is so much to do, cleaning and purging is always fun (not).  I have so much stuff to give to charity already just after cleaning out the boys closets.  It's amazing how much stuff has been purchased over the past year for them & this doesn't even touch what's in Gavin's room.  Two big black trash bags of clothing & shoes out of Weston & Xanders room.  There is more in the garage, because that is where it ended up during the year as we realized something was to small.  A nice trip to goodwill is in order I think, because we certainly can't store it.

The house is so quiet, Billy is at work & the little guys are sleeping away!  Maybe if I start frying bacon they'll all wake up, lol!  Gavin is enjoying the weekend out of the house-he's at his grandma Janices in Jacksonville.  Lucky duck, he's missed them a lot & I know he's having a great time.

Well, I guess I better get this party started...so much to do today!

Lela, xoxo



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