Monday, July 30, 2012

Purple Toes

Over the weekend, I did manage to give myself a pedicure :) oh yes, it was lovely!  While painting my toes, my sweetheart of a husband had his feet near me & so I gave one of his toes a nice purple paint job....and just laughed to myself & sat back and waited-wondered when he would notice.  After an hour or so-he moved positions to where his head was towards me as he watched tv, and he said "pretty purple toes" and it got the better of me, and I said "thank you-yours to.." and he laughed & looked at me & said "I know you didn't paint my toes, because I would have felt it" I laughed & teased him for a bit about it because he refused to look...then finally, after like 20 minutes of it he looked down and said "see? no paint.........dammit you did!" and I tell you, we had a good good laugh with that one...haha...

Lela, xoxo

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