Saturday, July 07, 2012

Evening Thought

I feel sorry for people who think they'll get something that doesn't belong to them.  For whatever reason, they injected themselves into someone else's life-hoping to claim something for themselves.  What do you think you're gaining exactly?  A person who won't stick it out?  A person that will leave at the drop of a hat?  What on earth makes these people think that THEY are getting the "truth" from the person lying to someone else?  Do they really think they are that special?  Kind of sad and pathetic really.

I feel like you shouldn't be rummaging around in someone else's backyard if you cannot even manage your own "lawn" so to speak.  All these people do is either a. split up a family or b. strengthened a relationship between the very people you were trying to pull apart.....good going....:)

Lela, xoxo

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