Purple Toes

Over the weekend, I did manage to give myself a pedicure :) oh yes, it was lovely!  While painting my toes, my sweetheart of a husband had his feet near me & so I gave one of his toes a nice purple paint job....and just laughed to myself & sat back and waited-wondered when he would notice.  After an hour or so-he moved positions to where his head was towards me as he watched tv, and he said "pretty purple toes" and it got the better of me, and I said "thank you-yours to.." and he laughed & looked at me & said "I know you didn't paint my toes, because I would have felt it" I laughed & teased him for a bit about it because he refused to look...then finally, after like 20 minutes of it he looked down and said "see? no paint.........dammit you did!" and I tell you, we had a good good laugh with that one...haha...

Lela, xoxo

Weekend & Stuff

It's 7:55am & I am going over our budget for the next two weeks, deciding what to buy at the grocery store & what's going to be on the agenda today.  There is so much to do, cleaning and purging is always fun (not).  I have so much stuff to give to charity already just after cleaning out the boys closets.  It's amazing how much stuff has been purchased over the past year for them & this doesn't even touch what's in Gavin's room.  Two big black trash bags of clothing & shoes out of Weston & Xanders room.  There is more in the garage, because that is where it ended up during the year as we realized something was to small.  A nice trip to goodwill is in order I think, because we certainly can't store it.

The house is so quiet, Billy is at work & the little guys are sleeping away!  Maybe if I start frying bacon they'll all wake up, lol!  Gavin is enjoying the weekend out of the house-he's at his grandma Janices in Jacksonville.  Lucky duck, he's missed them a lot & I know he's having a great time.

Well, I guess I better get this party started...so much to do today!

Lela, xoxo


sometimes..I am weak and I dislike someone who's done me wrong.....
I don't wish them ill will or anything...but wish they'd move to Alaska....

Lela, xoxo

Let's see.....

Anxious to find out what today holds....hopefully something amazing.  Maybe we'll win the $5,000 a week PCH contest, who knows-it's possible isn't it?  Man, the good we could do for our family, ourselves & perfect strangers.  We talked about it extensively, how we would create revenue in our small town & get the things we've always wanted.  Could be fun.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Go do something good, something funny & something amazing.

Lela, xoxo

Just a little Crop

Lela, xoxo

Top 10 Favorite Things.

1. Holding my husbands hand
2. Hugging the boys goodnight
3. Doing homework with the boys
4. Walking on the beach
5. Buying new under ware
6. Watching Drop Dead Diva
7. Eating gooy cheesey yummies
8. Talking to my sister
9. Getting off work early
10. My boys laughter

Lela, xoxo

Dinner, but not by me

Last night I was the lucky wife who had dinner cooked for her.  Sure it was only hamburgers on the grill and tots in the oven, but I didn't have to cook it....so it could have been anything honestly!  I love my dear husband.

Lela, xoxo

Back in Action

Well, I am back-no more vacation for me.  Not until November anyway.  I think we're going to take a few days for ourselves (no kids) during our anniversary-should be great.  Ahhh.....glad to have a fulltime job-but I sure could use a couple more weeks off :)

Lela, xoxo

Ormond Beach FL {Vacation}

Lela, xoxo


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