Home Sweet Home, Part I

We had Dylan, Weston's Cousin & BFF over for a few nights & this is what I saw every morning when I got home from work-them playing the PS3-laughing & having fun.

 This is something I don't get to see much of, my husbands truck & my car on the carport together, except on Friday nights & Saturdays.  That's about to change :)
 My darling, making our lawn look spiffy :)
I took a picture of this windchime I have on our front porch.  Got me thinking, maybe I should spend a little time-when I am bored-sort of just going around the house & shooting things that I love the most & have the best memories for me and the kids.
 Sweet Dylan-Pie, modeling for me-this face showed me he was done :)

Lela, xoxo



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