Sunday, June 24, 2012

Something I've Noticed

Something that I've noticed recently, people get angry or upset at us for not coming to visit them, not driving down or up to their house, yet-I can count on one hand how many times (IF ANY) the same people have been to our house.  The people who get upset, are the same people that come to the area, and yet still don't call/write/text or send by pigeon that they are around.  My phone and  your phone, goes both ways.  My car and your car, goes both ways.  And guess what?  My kids have birthdays as well, and guess what you've been invited-have you come?  Nope.  So, as far as I can see-we're not even equal-because I can, count on BOTH hands how many times my car has driven out, up or down to visit...... :)  You're busy?  I am to.  You're broke?  So am I.  Mirror, look in it.

That is all.

Lela, xoxo

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