Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Weston & Xander had a dentist appointment today.  Both came away with no cavities, yay!  Both came away needing sealants as well.  Nice hu?  $10 per tooth, eight teeth total.  Shelly got Xander's done today, I am making Weston an appointment later to get his done.  One boy down, one to go.

I was able to spend the morning with my honey, it was so nice.  We had breakfast, watched some tv, played Friends with Words & laughed at our ridiculous drawings on Drawsomething.  We are slightly addicted....lol!  He doesn't think I can draw, but I am an artist, I keep telling him!  He doesn't think so though, haha.  I have to give him lots of hints.  So much fun!!!

I made a wonderful roast, red potatoes (mashed with the skins), carrots (with butter & sugar), & fantastic homemade gravy.   I am not sure I'll post recipe, it's my secret.....lol :)

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