I am sure I've blogged about this before, but why is it that streets & phones only go one way!?  I have heard it more times than not, "WHY DON'T YOU COME VISIT?" or "WHY DON'T YOU EVER CALL?"  Is it a one way street still?  I thought that after all these years it was a two way street, gently zooming back and forth.  I literally carry relationships around, on this one way street & have my entire life.  I would never say those two quoted statements above-because I know why, we're all busy....this I get.  But I don't like to always be the one going out of my way, every-single-time.

I have seen smug comments on facebook, from people I won't say who-when I've had something come up and not able to travel the few hours to their place...yet this same person has literally only been to my home once....

Don't get me wrong, I love traveling and visiting, and I will still do it from time to time, even though I do not always get the courtesy extended......but hello...kettle!  Why ya calling everyone else black!? Uhum?

It does make me think though.....about the ones that do go out of their way, and "beg" to come to my house like my nephew Dylan, haha.  It's a good feeling.  Now, I get it that it's because of his BFF Weston-but I'll take it!!!

Lela, xoxo



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