Happy Monday

How was your weekend?  Peaceful, crazy fun?  Mine was peaceful.  I cooked and baked.  Made homemade pineapple upside down cakes (minis) for my hubs.  He loved them & there are currently only three left.  It was his first weekend working his new shift & now he has a few days off.  In just two short weeks we'll be on vacation.  So happy about that, we really could use sleeping in & waking up to the sun not the sounds of alarm clocks.  I desperately am in need of it anyway.  Getting out the camera during that time period & taking tons of pictures-and he won't grown because it's vacation!  Right Honey!?

Originally we were going to go to IL to visit some of my family, but the budget is a little more strained than we had hoped for-so now we're going to have a stay-cation.  Maybe take out the boat, go to the beach & just enjoy being with each other.  Xander gets back from his vacation with his mom on the 6th.  He's in NY right now.  We talked to him yesterday & he went to Niagara Falls yesterday!  That's a place I have always wanted to go, what a lucky kid :)  Guess I'll have to really push up the deadline that we go visit it now, haha.

Well it's still early, but hope you have a fabulous day!

Lela, xoxo



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