Everyday Beauty

Beauty is in front of you every day, you just have to look, respect, and maybe snap a picture or two :)
 Inside everything looks so peaceful, outside-it's storming & flooding the areas around us.

Friday Sweetness

My sweetheart is still getting used to his new hours, he falls asleep a little early while we were watching TV.  Billy is a very affectionate & likes to touch while we sit next to each other, or even if we're finger tips away from each other...so sweet.  Tonight he was rubbing my foot & fell asleep doing so....gotta love it.  :)

Lela, xoxo

Baby, You Blow Me Away

Lela, xoxo

The Power of Editing

Lela, xoxo


Was going through some older photos the other day & found these of my sister Molly and me, I think it was two years ago at Christmas......I love her-always so willing to help anyone.....always there if you need her....

Happy Birthday Dad

Last night, while we were eating a fabulous meal of creamy cheesy bacon grits & roasted pork chops, I said to my hubs-"today is my dads birthday....I better call him after we get done with dinner...."  & that was all she wrote......I remembered at work & I remembered at home-that I needed to buzz him-but guess what, I never did!  I feel so bad!  So happy birthday dad.  Love you!

Lela, xoxo


I am sure I've blogged about this before, but why is it that streets & phones only go one way!?  I have heard it more times than not, "WHY DON'T YOU COME VISIT?" or "WHY DON'T YOU EVER CALL?"  Is it a one way street still?  I thought that after all these years it was a two way street, gently zooming back and forth.  I literally carry relationships around, on this one way street & have my entire life.  I would never say those two quoted statements above-because I know why, we're all busy....this I get.  But I don't like to always be the one going out of my way, every-single-time.

I have seen smug comments on facebook, from people I won't say who-when I've had something come up and not able to travel the few hours to their place...yet this same person has literally only been to my home once....

Don't get me wrong, I love traveling and visiting, and I will still do it from time to time, even though I do not always get the courtesy extended......but hello...kettle!  Why ya calling everyone else black!? Uhum?

It does make me think though.....about the ones that do go out of their way, and "beg" to come to my house like my nephew Dylan, haha.  It's a good feeling.  Now, I get it that it's because of his BFF Weston-but I'll take it!!!

Lela, xoxo

Love Your Ears!

Jaelyn Earrings

I recently found a super cute simple jewelry shop on www.etsy.com.  As you all know, I love this website.  You can find gorgeous, unique items for yourself or someone you love.  I buy a lot of Christmas gifts from this site-as well as birthday gifts.  You should check out this shop!  Click the image to be taken to this sweet little shop & let me know what you think!

Much love!
Lela, xoxo


Last night I was the sweetest wife ever and noticed that my hubs feet were so dry & cracked looking.  So I got some lotion out and gave them a good slathering.  Now, before I did this-I took of my wedding & engagement band.  And this morning, when I left the house, I left without putting them back on.  Not only did I forget my rings, but I also forgot my darn phone.  The phone, I didn't even realize was gone until he called me asking me if I was in a hurry to leave the house this morning....oh boy....lol, good thing my head is attached to my neck.

Lela, xoxo

Happy Monday

How was your weekend?  Peaceful, crazy fun?  Mine was peaceful.  I cooked and baked.  Made homemade pineapple upside down cakes (minis) for my hubs.  He loved them & there are currently only three left.  It was his first weekend working his new shift & now he has a few days off.  In just two short weeks we'll be on vacation.  So happy about that, we really could use sleeping in & waking up to the sun not the sounds of alarm clocks.  I desperately am in need of it anyway.  Getting out the camera during that time period & taking tons of pictures-and he won't grown because it's vacation!  Right Honey!?

Originally we were going to go to IL to visit some of my family, but the budget is a little more strained than we had hoped for-so now we're going to have a stay-cation.  Maybe take out the boat, go to the beach & just enjoy being with each other.  Xander gets back from his vacation with his mom on the 6th.  He's in NY right now.  We talked to him yesterday & he went to Niagara Falls yesterday!  That's a place I have always wanted to go, what a lucky kid :)  Guess I'll have to really push up the deadline that we go visit it now, haha.

Well it's still early, but hope you have a fabulous day!

Lela, xoxo

Something I've Noticed

Something that I've noticed recently, people get angry or upset at us for not coming to visit them, not driving down or up to their house, yet-I can count on one hand how many times (IF ANY) the same people have been to our house.  The people who get upset, are the same people that come to the area, and yet still don't call/write/text or send by pigeon that they are around.  My phone and  your phone, goes both ways.  My car and your car, goes both ways.  And guess what?  My kids have birthdays as well, and guess what you've been invited-have you come?  Nope.  So, as far as I can see-we're not even equal-because I can, count on BOTH hands how many times my car has driven out, up or down to visit...... :)  You're busy?  I am to.  You're broke?  So am I.  Mirror, look in it.

That is all.

Lela, xoxo

Knudson Family | Gainesville, FL

I love it when I show up for a family portrait session and I can instantly know that because of the love the family has for each other, the level of comfort they have in front of the camera and the playfulness they have that the images are just going to rock...and that all I have to do is witness it, snap some photos and edit them later...that folks is what you see here....

It's Nice

To sometimes not be behind the camera but in front of it.  I say sometimes because I truly do hate having my picture taken.  Not everyone that takes my picture actually goes for the best poses or most flattering shots like I try to accomplish when taking pictures of others.

My son took these of me recently with a little guidance from me.  They are his own vision obviously.....but not to bad, maybe one day he can do more than hold the reflector out on assignment :)

Lela, xoxo

It's Friday!

It's finally Friday.  Today is my sweethearts first morning on his new shift.  He sent me a text this morning before he went into the gates telling me that he loves me and that he hopes I have a great morning  How sweet is that?  I love that honey of a man.  He always makes me smile.  I am anxious to hear how his first day went & how he liked it.  I am not sure how I am going to get used to his alarm going off at 2am though, I had a hard time falling back asleep!  But I did, and my startled when my alarm went off.  Threw on some jeans, a top & flip flops with the bedroom light on for the first time in a long time.  Our normal schedule is him sleeping peacefully when I get ready for work in the morning.  Last night we fell asleep together but I got up alone, I like this much better!!  I love having him next to me when we sleep, and this is something I have been looking forward to for YEARS, basically our entire relationship & marriage.  YAY US!

Lela, xoxo

Thursday Night Delights

Tonight is our first night together on my sweet husbands new shift.  It has been so much fun so far, we had dinner together (yummy pork roast, baked cheesy potatoes & baby limas) and played Words w/Friends & Drawsomething.  Life is good, life is sweet.
Lela, xoxo

Thursday Inspiration

Lela, xoxo

Great Outdoor Studio's Newest Photographer?

Photo taken by Gavin......my little budding photographer!  I have him assist me at most shoots, maybe one day soon I'll hand over the camera & allow him to shoot while I assist :)

Lela, xoxo


Oh to be a kid again & have a kool-aid mustache.

This is the BEST I could do, haha

Lela, xoxo

Free Actions YEAH!

Click here to get your own :) (the bottom one is the original one, love the black & whites)

Lela, xoxo

Really Lela? Really?

So tomorrow is my sweet husbands last night on 4p-12a.  That means myself & my sweet boys (all three of them) will be able to see that man every night.  EVERY NIGHT!?  Amazing.  Since we've all lived under one roof this only happens if I am off work or we're on vacation.  This shift has played it's toll on our family & now I am so pleased, tickled really, to have him with us.  Having dinner together, laying down in the bed together at night, doing homework together with the boys, baseball practices together...the list goes on and on!  YAY US!!!!

Lela, xoxo

My Nice Night

So the start of my week was dreadful & I wasn't sure how I was exactly going to get through it & get past it.  But last night, for the first time in days I felt alright.  I was able to fall asleep with no problems & my belly wasn't killing me.  Gavin and I created our own recipe for a fruit crisp & it was amazing!!!  I'll have to re-create it and get all the measurements right so I can share the recipe-but let me just say YUM!

Apple, Mango, Strawberry Crisp

This morning I downloaded a cool new app for my droid phone.  Pixlr-o-matic.  Will play with it more later-but here is a quick shot using it, lol!

Lela, xoxo

Inspirational Wednesday

& for a laugh

Lela, xoxo

Certain Kind of Sadness!

Lela, xoxo


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