Wednesday, May 30, 2012

No Bus?

Got a call yesterday that the buses wouldn't be bringing the kids home in the afternoon from school if we lived on a dirt road.  Hello, 1/2 the school lives off dirt roads, it's a rural area, hello!?  I had to get off work early to drive into our small town & get Gavin from school.  Lucky enough for me Billy was able to check the younger boys out early.  What a day.

I took the opportunity to cook a big hardy meal for the boys.  Not only because I was home early & able to but because Weston had received three awards this year-two of which were from academic achievement & one for being the class comedian!  He gets that from me, for sure!  Anyway, back to the food-we had meatloaf (I know I know, but my family loves it), pan fried potatoes & garlic & corn casserole.  OMG delish!  I may share my recipe for meatloaf on here at some point....but it's a secret right now, ahha.

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