Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday we got up and drove out to Billy's moms for the day.  Grilled burgers, hotdogs & sausages.  I actually made coleslaw for the first time in my life & guess what, it was delicious.  There isn't even any left, imagine that.  Live Oak is pretty, may have to move out there....

We actually did talk a little about making a move, especially since we'd be closer to family & his job.  Ultimately it would be where we end up.
This is a picture of Billy & his mom, as you can see-Billy is protesting having his picture taken & this is really the only good one I get for the day.  :) I love him anyway, even though he hates having his photo taken.

The boys had a good time playing baseball, basketball, football & laying in the tubs of cool water :)
I love being around family & friends, and all those dear.

It's Sunday now, and Billy has left for work :( (sad face) but I sent him off with a big bowl of homemade chicken and dumplings & boiled peanuts his momma sent home, oh and a big jug of sweet tea, he's a lucky man, haha.

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