Wednesday, May 02, 2012


I don't want to sound like I am tooting my own horn or anything, but I have the best kids in the world.  When I got home from work, Xander had cleaned up the living room, Weston had done the dishes & Gavin had cleaned the floors.

Xander had a game and he did fantastic, got on base twice.  We was stranded on second the first time, and was the forced out second time on base....but he was excited, happy & never let it get him down.

Came home after a long game at the ball park & went over the younger boys spelling words & they know all their words...means they'll get a 100 on Friday (YAY!).

They got baths without being told & went right to bed the first time I told them.  It was a good day to be momma I tell you what!  I was even in bed before 10pm, which sometimes just doesn't happen!

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