Yesterday afternoon, our family received some great news.  This news will change everything about not only how our household is run at the moment, but our quality time together.  This change in our life will bring us closer together, physically as a unit.  I am very excited!!!  More to come later :)

I love you!

I love you, in ways you've never been loved,
for reasons you've never been told,
for longer than you think you deserve,
and with more than you ever know existed inside me.
-Tyler Knott Gregson

No Bus?

Got a call yesterday that the buses wouldn't be bringing the kids home in the afternoon from school if we lived on a dirt road.  Hello, 1/2 the school lives off dirt roads, it's a rural area, hello!?  I had to get off work early to drive into our small town & get Gavin from school.  Lucky enough for me Billy was able to check the younger boys out early.  What a day.

I took the opportunity to cook a big hardy meal for the boys.  Not only because I was home early & able to but because Weston had received three awards this year-two of which were from academic achievement & one for being the class comedian!  He gets that from me, for sure!  Anyway, back to the food-we had meatloaf (I know I know, but my family loves it), pan fried potatoes & garlic & corn casserole.  OMG delish!  I may share my recipe for meatloaf on here at some point....but it's a secret right now, ahha.

When all else fails, Just Shoot Yourself

Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday we got up and drove out to Billy's moms for the day.  Grilled burgers, hotdogs & sausages.  I actually made coleslaw for the first time in my life & guess what, it was delicious.  There isn't even any left, imagine that.  Live Oak is pretty, may have to move out there....

We actually did talk a little about making a move, especially since we'd be closer to family & his job.  Ultimately it would be where we end up.
This is a picture of Billy & his mom, as you can see-Billy is protesting having his picture taken & this is really the only good one I get for the day.  :) I love him anyway, even though he hates having his photo taken.

The boys had a good time playing baseball, basketball, football & laying in the tubs of cool water :)
I love being around family & friends, and all those dear.

It's Sunday now, and Billy has left for work :( (sad face) but I sent him off with a big bowl of homemade chicken and dumplings & boiled peanuts his momma sent home, oh and a big jug of sweet tea, he's a lucky man, haha.

Session from Yesterday

A teaser from my session last night :)


This is probably one of my most favorite quotes/posters I've ever seen on the Mary Engelbreit website.

Not only is it sweet, but it's true.

I love my life with my sweetheart, I love looking forward to every moment I get to put my eyes on him, to see him smile, to hear him see him looking at me or to see him looking at the boys.  He's captured every fiber of my being, totally & completely!

New Suit.

Thanks to my sweet mother-in-law & my grandma Haug-I had enough money to purchase a new suit this past Friday for my birthday.  This suit is already in Fort White, and will be at the house by the time I get home.  Quick shot out to the United States Postal Service....super fast.....

Orchid Love

Typically I cannot keep plants alive. This one, for some reason I have been able to keep alive going on two years now.  This year, she re-bloomed.  I have to admit, I am pretty happy and pleased with myself.  It's the little things, right?

I told my husband I want to get a few more plants (flowers) to put on our stoop.  Here's hoping we get them & here's hoping I can keep them alive, green & beautiful :)

Amazing Camera Skin

HTC Skin Cover - Retro Leica M9 Vintage Camera

Isn't this the coolest!?

Deer Head

I have slight issues with deer heads hanging on the wall, always have.  Many reasons, one it's just a horrible dust collector & two-to me it's just gross to have a dead animal head hanging on your wall-with it's eyeballs looking at you.  But I must admit, this faux dead deer head could hang on my wall anytime :)  Swoon!

The Ignatius - Black Resin Deer Head- Stag Resin Black Faux Taxidermy- Chic & Trendy

Tasty Tuesday!!

I'd love to have this TSHIRT!!!!  Must find!  Must buy!!!!

Birthday/Mothers Day

Well this past weekend I celebrated my birthday & Mothers Day.  Several months ago I thought that perhaps I would be spending this time "alone".  So I felt very blessed to have my entire family with me, and to spend it with my extended family.  We went to my moms for a cook out at my moms, swam & played volleyball in the pool, ate some yummies & just laughed (a lot).  My brothers Bruce & Matthew were in town with their families, so it was fantastic.  I hope everyone else had a great day as well.


This morning I was treated with a box of yummies as an early birthday celebration, there was TWO missing after I took this photo because I already ate some, hahaha.  Thank you Erika :)

Fort White Baseball Weekend Fun

I will let the pictures do the talking :)

New Ness

Blog has a new look, still working out some kinks...what do you think so far?

Work Work Work

This morning I am thinking of my darling, who will be getting up very soon to get the boys off to school.  He and I are like ships passing in the night during the week due to our work schedules.  My darling has been looking for other jobs, that could afford him more time at home during the days/times his entire family are at home.  I am so proud of him, and praying as hard as I can that this job interview he has today is just what we're looking for & that he's offered & is able to accept the position.  Good luck honey!!!  ILY :)

100 Ideas, 0 Time

Almost daily, I find recipes I'd like to try, crafty ideas I'd like to get into, photos I'd like to capture or something along those lines, but every day-I just cannot seem to find the time.  I just found a great recipe for lemon bars that has only two ingredients (angle food cake mix & lemon pie filling), let's hope I can find the time to make these babies this weekend, because they sound fabulous & the way the weather has been heating up-they also sound rather refreshing.

Here's to having a great weekend.


I don't want to sound like I am tooting my own horn or anything, but I have the best kids in the world.  When I got home from work, Xander had cleaned up the living room, Weston had done the dishes & Gavin had cleaned the floors.

Xander had a game and he did fantastic, got on base twice.  We was stranded on second the first time, and was the forced out second time on base....but he was excited, happy & never let it get him down.

Came home after a long game at the ball park & went over the younger boys spelling words & they know all their words...means they'll get a 100 on Friday (YAY!).

They got baths without being told & went right to bed the first time I told them.  It was a good day to be momma I tell you what!  I was even in bed before 10pm, which sometimes just doesn't happen!

Quote of the Day

Before I met my husband, I'd never fallen in love. I'd stepped in it a few times.
Rita Rudner


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